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Flying drones could soon re-charge while airborne with new technology
Scientists have demonstrated a highly efficient method for wirelessly transferring power to a drone while it is flying. The breakthrough could in theory allow flying drones to stay airborne indefinitely -- simply hovering over a ground support vehicle to recharge -- opening up new potential (...)
[Science daily]

'DarkLight' enables visible light communication in the dark
With the rise in wearables such as smartwatches and fitness trackers that rely on smart sensors, and the continued popularity of smartphones, smart devices are taking our country by storm. Wireless data for such devices is typically beamed through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, yet, the new wireless (...)
[Science daily]

Key component for wireless communication with terahertz frequencies
An ultrahigh speed, wireless communication network using THz instead of GHz frequencies is now one step closer. Researchers have shown that it is possible to effectively transmit signal waves with THz frequencies through the existing fiber optic (...)
[Science daily]

STMicroelectronics Reveals High-Efficiency Wireless Battery-Charging Chipset for Smaller, Simpler, Sealed Wearables
A miniaturized wireless battery-charging chipset from STMicroelectronics saves space, simplifies enclosure design and sealing, and accelerates time to market for ultra-compact sports wearables, wellness monitors, medical sensors, and remote controllers. - - The combination of ST's STWBC-WA (...)
[WebWire Mobile communications]

Snapchat changes name, introduces Spectacles
Snapchat is branching out from its main app and building a pair of wireless video camera sunglasses called Spectacles.
[CNN Money]

Detecting emotions with wireless signals
Researchers have developed "EQ-Radio," a device that can detect a person's emotions using wireless signals. By measuring subtle changes in breathing and heart rhythms, EQ-Radio is 87 percent accurate at detecting if a person is excited, happy, angry or sad -- and can do so without on-body (...)
[Science daily]

You can buy a $10 wire for Apple's wireless AirPods
Apple's new wireless AirPods are not even on sale yet, but accessory makers are already trying to cash on people who are worried about losing the pricey headphones.
[CNN Money]

Hands-on with new iPhone 7 and Airpods
Dave Lee takes a first look at the new iPhones and wireless Airpod earphones at Apple's launch event in San Francisco.

Hands-on with new iPhone 7 and Airpods
Dave Lee takes a first look at the new iPhones and wireless Airpod earphones at Apple's launch event in San Francisco.
[BBC News]

A nanoscale wireless communication system via plasmonic antennas
A nanoscale wireless communication system uses plasmonic antennas to produce greater control and increased efficiency to an approach eyed for next-generation 'on-chip' communications technologies.
[Science daily]

Chaos could provide the key to enhanced wireless communications
Scientists have demonstrated that chaos can be used to transmit information over a wireless physical channel offering wide-ranging advantages from enhanced communications security.
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