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A new wireless energy transfer device can charge any device without using cables
Researchers have designed a new device for wireless energy transfer that will, for example, charge mobile phones or laptops without needing cables.
[Science daily]

Verizon is tops in network performance, reliability, speed in 2014 tests
Verizon Wireless beat out the other three national carriers for overall network performance, reliability and speed in the first half of 2014, according to an analysis by RootMetrics released Tuesday.

America's top wireless network is...
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[CNN Money]

Wireless sensors and flying robots: A way to monitor deteriorating bridges
As a report from the Obama administration warns that one in four bridges in the United States needs significant repair or cannot handle automobile traffic, engineers are employing wireless sensors and flying robots that could have the potential to help authorities monitor the condition of (...)
[Science daily]

Big tech firms back Wi-FAR for remote broadband
Google, Microsoft and Facebook are cranking up an emerging wireless technology known as Wi-FAR to help reduce the digital divide in remote and unconnected regions of the world.

Sensors that improve rail transport safety
A new kind of human-machine communication is to make it possible to detect damage to rail vehicles before it’s too late. The technology also leads to an improvement in the servicing of trains, providing it only when needed. The technology relies on a cloud-supported, wireless network of (...)
[Science daily]

T-Mobile sinks after Sprint reportedly abandons merger bid
Sprint has reportedly abandoned its bid to acquire fellow wireless carrier T-Mobile.
[CNN Money]

Driverless cars' green light, SmartBell and hearing aid: this week in tech
Funding pot of £10m available for UK tests in January 2015, a way to catch deliveries, and a wireless hearing aid iPhone link Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Kill switch in cell phones could save consumers more than $3.4 billion annually
A new study shows consumer savings from the Kill Switch legislation exceed initial projections and now points to well over $3 billion. This savings to consumers comes at the expense of insurance and wireless industry profits.
[Science daily]

IoT inspires new components for energy, wireless
The expected boom in demand for small, often isolated devices in the Internet of Things is driving developers to craft new types of components.

Wireless home automation systems reveal more than you would think about user behavior
Home automation systems that control domestic lighting, heating, window blinds or door locks offer opportunities for third parties to intrude on the privacy of the inhabitants and gain considerable insight into their behavioral (...)
[Science daily]

Nokia Lumia 930 review: the best Windows Phone yet
Microsoft's latest smartphone is catching up to the iPhone and Android with a great camera, design and wireless charging Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Open Wireless Router project aims for better router security, network performance
Advocacy group the Electronic Frontier Foundation wants to address the poor security track record of home routers with a new firmware project that will encourage users to share their Internet connection publicly by setting up guest Wi-Fi (...)

Flaw exposes some Cisco home wireless devices to hacking
Nine of Cisco's home and small office cable modems with router and wireless access point functionality need software updates to fix a critical vulnerability that could allow remote attackers to completely compromise them.

How to Rickroll any TV using Chromecast flaw
Security researcher Dan Petro has developed the 'Rickmote', which uses a flaw in Chromecast's wireless to push any video to the streaming stick Continue reading...
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