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Palestinians 'could freeze US ties' over Washington office closure
The US says the Palestinians can't have an office if they pursue Israelis at an international court.
[BBC News Americas]

US Navy: Penis in sky drawn by jet trail was 'unacceptable'
The phallic outline over an airbase in Washington State provoked mirth, but not everyone was amused.
[BBC News Americas]

Tech giants face Congress as showdown over Russia election meddling looms
Facebook, Twitter and Google once seemed to encapsulate freedom and connectivity. At a hearing on 1 November a new question will be posed: have they become a tool for foreign autocracies and domestic extremists? A showdown is looming in Washington between Congress and the powerful social media (...)
[The Guardian]

'From heroes to villains': tech industry faces bipartisan backlash in Washington
In an effort uniting such disparate figures as Steve Bannon and Elizabeth Warren, leaders are calling for a clampdown on what some see as unchecked power As political polarization continues to plague Washington, a rare consensus is emerging between the left and the right that America’s largest (...)
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