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VIDEO: Do Syrians want to leave Turkey?
The BBC's Mark Lowen finds out if some Syrians wish to stay in Turkey or travel to Europe.
[BBC News Europe]

Do pop-up dialogue boxes drive you potty? You’re not alone
It might seem trifling in our uncertain world, but the plague of dialogue boxes stealing our focus makes me want to hurl my computer out of the nearest window There’s little more frustrating for a regular computer user than a pop-up that demands your undivided attention right when you’re in the (...)
[The Guardian]

VIDEO: Cabbie discovers beauty on the backseat
Taxi driver Mike Harvey's photos of his passengers in Neath and Swansea have become an internet hit.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: 'No one can tell you who to love'
Hilary Swank, Oscar-winning actor, talks to BBC 100 Women.
[BBC News Americas]

YouTube Kids: campaigners criticise app for its 'junk food' videos
US groups found promotional videos for Coca-Cola, Oreos and other products in children’s app, and want regulators to investigate The YouTube Kids app is supposed to make watching YouTube videos a more child-friendly experience, but two US campaigning groups claim that it is not filtering out (...)
[The Guardian]

Blackphone vows to keep its ultra-private phone out of terrorists' hands
The Blackphone was designed to protect people's privacy from hackers and spies. Now ISIS members want to use it too, according to the findings of one researcher.
[CNN Money]

PlayStation 2 games are coming to PS4, here are 12 titles we want to play again
Sony is bringing PlayStation 2 compatibility to PlayStation 4 and is asking gamers what they’d like to play. Here are our suggestions, from Grand Theft Auto: Vice City to PES 4 to Timesplitters 2 It’s what veteran gamers have been asking for, but what Sony once said would probably never happen: (...)
[The Guardian]

Al-Shabab wants IS to back off in East Africa
Why al-Shabab baulks at an alliance with IS
[BBC News Africa]

Shoreditch spies: why does GCHQ want to hire hipsters?
The spy agency’s use of stencil graffiti recruitment adverts in trendy east London reveals their struggle against not just bad guys, but cooler employers David Cameron’s response to the Paris attacks was swift. At the G20 summit in Turkey he previewed the forthcoming defence and security review, (...)
[The Guardian]

Climate macroscope: New software for finding tipping points and critical network structures
If you wanted to know whether shifts in the African climate during Paleolithic times correlated with the appearance and disappearance of hominin species, how would you find the answer? It’s a tricky question because of the massive amounts of noisy, complicated data you would need to (...)
[Science daily]

UK will hit back at terrorists with cyber-attacks, says Osborne
Chancellor speaks at GCHQ on deadly danger of digital attacks, saying Britain will counter-attack criminals and rogue states British spies will significantly step up their efforts to attack terrorists in cyberspace in the face of Islamic State militants who want to use the internet to kill (...)
[The Guardian]

SVG mask artwork for the 4004
If you look too closely, the old proof set artwork is pretty ugly, certainly nothing we could use if we wanted to build a larger museum exhibit, say 3x4 feet, or import the mask artwork into a PCB layout package to build a giant, working circuit board. The old artwork just wasn't going to cut (...)

Wanted: 100,000 new STEM teachers
Read full story for latest details.
[CNN Money]

How to get started with Windows 10
Donna needs help getting started, Diane is wary of downloading a Windows Store game, Jerry wants to put off the upgrade for later. Your questions answered I downloaded Windows 10 a couple of days ago. Now I am really in a mess. How does one get help from Microsoft these days? Are there courses (...)
[The Guardian]

Apple store accused of racial profiling after video shows staff ejecting black students
Staff member recorded saying security guards wanted group of six teenagers to leave Melbourne store because they were worried ‘they might steal something’ A group of black teenagers was told to leave an Apple store in Melbourne because staff were worried they “might steal something”. A video of (...)
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