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What’s the best cheap laptop for running Minecraft?
Claire wants to buy her son a laptop to run Minecraft with Pixelmon mods. Her budget is £300, but she’s willing to spend a more Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

US envoy nominee Branstad member of Masons, banned in China
OMAHA, Neb. (AP) " If Iowa Gov. Terry Branstad becomes the next U.S. Ambassador to China, he may want to leave any Masonic symbols at home.That's because the Freemasons group that Branstad belongs to has been banned in mainland...
[ - world]

Prison for Michigan man accused of wanting to fight in Syria
DETROIT (AP) " A Detroit-area man accused of trying to travel to the Middle East to fight in Syria's civil war has been sentenced to five years in prison.Mohammad Hamdan has been in custody for nearly three years and will get (...)
[ - world]

Tech talk: your tech for Christmas questions answered
Editors and writers from the Guardian’s tech team joined readers for a live Q&A in the comments between 11am-1pm (GMT) on 7 Dec – catch up below! Want to ask us about whether the Pixel is better than the iPhone? If VR is really the future? Or how good that new Touch Bar on the new MacBook Pro (...)
[The Guardian]

Apple supplier Foxconn is in talks to invest in the U.S.
Taiwan-based Foxconn, a giant contract manufacturer that plays a key role in assembling iPhones for Apple, employs hundreds of thousands of workers in mainland China.
[CNN Money]

Namibians want town renamed ǃNamiǂNûs
Residents of the Namibian town of Luderitz are at odds over whether they should scrap its German colonial name.
[BBC News Africa]

Want to join the mile-high club? There's an app for that: AirDates
A new app being positioned as the "Tinder for air travel" is promising to connect passengers who want to hook up in the sky.AirDates, the world's first in-flight dating app, which is still being tested, encourages users to upload...
[ - travel]

Kevin Pilley: I'm not with the tour
They always want to show me views. And things. They want to show me catacombs and feed me dates. They expose lagoons to me. They introduce me to megaliths, tapestries, period armchairs and hypogaeum.They point at things I can't...
[ - travel]

Ghanaians in UK: President should 'lead by example'
British-Ghanaians explain what they want from the upcoming presidential election and what would convince them to return to Ghana.
[BBC News Africa]

Why does Bill Gates want you to read The Myth of the Strong Leader?
The Microsoft billionaire’s annual reading list includes a 2014 study by British political scholar Archie Brown – a choice, he says, that was inspired by the US election If there’s one thing more valuable to an author than a Richard and Judy endorsement circa 2006, it’s a Bill Gates plug circa this (...)
[The Guardian]

Brexit: UK cannot cherry pick, EU negotiator says
EU negotiator Michel Barnier warns the UK that it cannot "cherry pick" the Brexit deal it wants.
[BBC News Europe]

How to publish an Android library: a mysterious conversation
I recently met a rather mysterious Android developer called Nick and helped him to publish his first library on Bintray. I recently met a rather mysterious chap called Nick. Nick was a hobbyist Android developer and he wanted to know how he could publish some of his code as a library for other (...)
[The Guardian]

Facial scan app wants to get to know you
Augmented reality app Blippar can now recognise the faces of 70,000 public figures.

Facial scan app wants to get to know you
Augmented reality app Blippar can now recognise the faces of 70,000 public figures.
[BBC News]

Google, democracy and the truth about internet search
Here's what you don't want to do late on a Sunday night. You do not want to type seven letters into Google. That's all I did. I typed: "a-r-e". And then "j-e-w-s". Since 2008, Google has attempted to predict what question you might be asking and offers you a choice. And this is what it did. It (...)
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