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VIDEO: 'You've got to want something different'
The entrepreneur in South Africa producing custom-made bicycles.
[BBC News Africa]

Change the channel on Pandora?
An activist investor wants Pandora to try and sell itself. But analysts say that there may not be any interested buyers.
[CNN Money]

Microsoft dumps Nokia feature phones
Microsoft sells its Nokia feature phone business to Taiwan's Foxconn and a new private equity-backed company.

Could self-driving trucks hit America's highways? This startup thinks so
A startup founded by ex-Google, Tesla and Apple engineers believes self-driving truck are a good fit for the nation’s long, straight, lonely roads Everyone in San Francisco these days wants to build a self-driving car. So in a company town that prides itself on going against the grain, this (...)
[The Guardian]

I can explain porn sites on my screenshot, says politician – really, I can
US congressional candidate Mike Webb offers supporters 2,000-word justification for video tabs visible in his Facebook post An American congressional candidate wants you to know that the porn tabs he had open in a screenshot posted to his Facebook page are absolutely nothing to be concerned (...)
[The Guardian]

Tech billionaires got rich off us. Now they want to feed us the crumbs
In a future where robots take our jobs, the tech elite see universal basic income as a fair exchange. But don’t forget – their wealth came from what we provided Every month, nearly 20% of the country gets a Social Security check. What if that number were 100%? What if the government gave everyone (...)
[The Guardian]

10 video games so good we didn't want them to end
When Keith Stuart wrote of the emotional impact of finishing a great and involving game, our readers responded in kind When Keith Stuart finished the Uncharted series, he found the game and its characters had got under his skin. After spending years with Nathan Drake and his partner Elena, he (...)
[The Guardian]

Rwanda forges new path with technology revolution
The country leading Africa's technological transformation

Rwanda forges new path with technology revolution
The country leading Africa's technological transformation
[BBC News]

Shrill: Notes from a Loud Woman by Lindy West – ‘I never wanted internet trolls to be my beat’
West’s memoir is full of a wild, joyous vulgarity and ranges from body images and rape threats to puberty and her love for her husband In 2013, Lindy West got a message on Twitter from her dead father. “Embarrassed father of an idiot,” his bio said. But no: “My dad was never mean. It couldn’t (...)
[The Guardian]

Changeling review: when the terror of your toddler overtaking your technical skills kicks in ...
Aleks Krotoski focuses on the emotional impact in this debate on how technology is changing too fast for parents to keep up ‘Scary, intimidating. Are these the words we want to be using to describe how our kids are using technology?” asks the ever-enthralling Aleks Krotoski in Changeling. (...)
[The Guardian]

How can I provide guests with Wi-Fi without giving them my password?
Noel intends to register on AirBnB and wants to offer porn-free internet access without giving away all his security details I intend to register on AirBnB and I’d like to know how to share my fibre optic internet connection safely, without giving out the main Wi-Fi password. I believe some (...)
[The Guardian]

Google Fiber is the most audacious part of the Alphabet
Google began digging up dirt and laying fiber optic pipes in Kansas City, Kan., five years ago in April. Its first customers were wired the following year. For the years after, it was unclear - certainly outside of Google - just what Google wanted to accomplish with this first venture outside (...)

Facebook launches facial recognition app in Europe (without facial recognition)
The social network wants you to share more pictures, and its new app Moments is how it’s going to encourage that – if it isn’t scuppered by data protection law Almost a year after it came out in the US, Facebook is releasing its facial recognition-powered photo app Moments in Europe. Except the (...)
[The Guardian]

The plan to ban work emails out of hours
Why France wants to ban staff from emailing after work
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