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Google takes aim at the internet of things with new Brillo operating system
Search firm has designs on fully connected houses following its acquisition of smart-device company Nest and wants to be bigger than just Android Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Google unveils Now on Tap
After Android M, Google also talked a lot about Google Now - which is getting a major upgrade called Now on Tap. In short, Now on Tap is context-aware, and knows what's going on in the application you're using right now. If someone sends you a WhatsApp message that says "Want to have dinner at (...)

Western Balkan leaders want faster EU accession, funding
TIRANA, Albania (AP) " Leaders of Western Balkan countries that are seeking to enter the European Union are urging the bloc to speed up the accession process, arguing that would bolster fragile peace and stability in the region.The...
[ - world]

The Verge's Pebble Time review
The Verge reviews the Pebble Time - the new Pebble, with all-new hardware and all-new software. They conclude: Right now, the Time is an accessory to your smartphone, which is exactly what Pebble wants it to be. But while other smartwatches feel like futuristic platforms that just need more (...)

Uganda: Wildly wonderful on the Nile
The roar of the Nile's rapids is thunderous. But as I listen in my clawfoot bath to the water crashing just metres away, part of me wants to drift off to sleep. The other part wants to stay awake to soak up the surrounding pure (...)
[ - travel]

Microsoft announces Cortana for Android, iOS
Part of the power of a personal assistant comes from being available on the go, on the device you carry with you everywhere. And for people who don't have the benefit of a Windows phone, we want to extend the advantage of Cortana in Windows 10. How will this work? Today, we're announcing a (...)

Taiwan: Vale of marble and legend
I'm deliriously dog paddling in a chilly rooftop pool on a cold morning, surrounded by mountains with a background soundtrack of white noise from the white water rushing down below.It reminds me of a line in a song by one of (...)
[ - travel]

Fiji: Fresh flavours of foodie Fiji
Fiji. It's probably not the first place you think of when you're a food lover wanting a holiday. Sure, I expected some tropical fruit, maybe some food with an Indian influence, and plenty of coconut. And there was all that, but...
[ - travel]

How Apple's court monitor became Cupertino's most wanted
Michael Bromwich was in court with the most powerful company and the top government law agency in the country when he seemed to get antsy. Apple and the United States Department of Justice had, after all, been exchanging jabs about him. “I'd like to be heard, your Honor, if I can,” he told the (...)

Online safety: If you want something done right, do it yourself
The end-user is often the 'weakest link' in the Internet safety chain according to experts. The team's conclusion: Internet users have to take personal responsibility for their safety and security. This includes taking the necessary steps to learn how it can be (...)
[Science daily]

How Netrunner took over my life – and why it should take over yours too
The bluffing of poker, great cyberpunk theme and a night out with friends combine to make Netrunner truly worthy of its un-geeky revival Chris Underwood is worried about his wife. Doing his best to ignore the 50 Netrunner players around him, he wanders the Loading Bar in Dalston, east London, (...)
[The Guardian]

How can I make my five-year-old Windows laptop run faster?
Hugh wants to keep his Toshiba Satellite P500 because he likes the 17in screen, but it’s getting creakier. Can he make it run like new? I have a five-year old Toshiba Satellite P500 with Microsoft Windows 7 installed. I like it because it’s got a 17.1in screen, but it’s getting slower and (...)
[The Guardian]

Nepal moves to limit drone flights following earthquake
Drone operators will need permission from the country’s aviation authority following complaints in affected areas The Nepalese government has cracked down on unmanned aerial vehicles following the magnitude 7.8 that hit the country in late April. Operators who want to fly UAVs in Nepal will now (...)
[The Guardian]

Kernel written in Nim
This is a small 32bit (i586) kernel written using the Nim programming language. I have been wanting to do this for a while but it wasn't until people in the #nim IRC channel inquired about Nim OS dev and the rustboot kernel inspired me that I finally did it. It doesn't do much, but it doesn't (...)

Business council chief calls on MPs to end disruptive policy reversals
Catherine Livingstone wants politicians to restore confidence in government process before any major policy changes are discussed Continue reading...
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