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Don't use antivirus firms linked to Russia, cyber security chief tells Whitehall
The Kremlin uses cyberspace for ‘espionage, disruption and influence’, says Ciaran Martin in letter to government departments Government departments have been warned against using antivirus software made by technology firms with links to Russia amid concerns over national security. Ciaran Martin, (...)
[The Guardian]

I love you so I kill you
Kamishiro Taku aime prendre soin des plantes du lycée et son amie Mika aime le taquine sur le sujet. Elle ignore tout des sentiments de son ami. Mais sa vie bascule le jour où il tente d'intervenir lors d'une agression dans la rue. Un curieux virus va ainsi le contaminer. Dès lors, de terribles (...)
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Kaspersky defends its role in NSA breach
The Russian anti-virus company explains why it copied files off a PC used by a cyber-spy contractor.

Kaspersky defends its role in NSA breach
The Russian anti-virus company explains why it copied files off a PC used by a cyber-spy contractor.
[BBC News]

How North Korea is hacking companies and governments
The FBI and U.S. Department of Homeland Security have released new details of viruses they say North Korea is using to launch attacks around the world.
[CNN Money]

Les virus
Une nouvelle approche du lien entre virus, bactéries et les pathologies qui en découlent. Cet ouvrage dresse un état des lieux et expose clairement la relation entre les principaux tableaux cliniques et les facteurs à l'origine de ces derniers. Un constat s'impose : les infections virales (...)
[EVENE - Actualité du Livre]

NSA contractor leaked US hacking tools by mistake, Kaspersky says
User downloaded malware while pirating Microsoft Office before running virus scan on machine containing confidential software, says Russian firm’s founder An incredible sequence of security mistakes led to a US National Security Agency contractor leaking his own confidential hacking tools to (...)
[The Guardian]

New ransomware attack hits Russia and spreads around globe
Cybersecurity experts said the virus, dubbed "Bad Rabbit," has links to a previous major ransomware attack.
[CNN Money]

Kaspersky: security firm tries to win back trust after Russian spying scandal
New transparency initiative aims to open up software and security practices to independent auditors to prove firm’s antivirus program is safe Cybersecurity firm Kaspersky Lab has launched a “global transparency initiative” in an attempt to win back trust and prove it is safe to use after (...)
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