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Zika virus infection reported in US
A rare case of the Zika virus - linked to thousands of brain defects in babies in the Americas - being sexually transmitted has been reported in Texas.
[BBC News Americas]

AP PHOTOS: Editor selections from Latin America
In Latin America last week, The Associated Press took a look at the epicenter of the Zika virus in Brazil's northeastern state of Pernambuco, where it has spread rapidly thanks to the region's widespread poverty and equatorial (...)
[ - world]

The birthplace of the Zika virus
Why the country where Zika was discovered is hardly affected
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Zika: In the forest where virus was discovered
The Zika virus, which is said to be spreading "explosively", was forest discovered in a forest in Uganda.
[BBC News Africa]

What airlines and cruise companies are offering Zika refunds
As the Zika virus spreads around the Americas, many airlines and cruise companies are breaking policy to offer refunds. While health officials say most people exposed to the virus suffer only mild symptoms, the risk is far greater...
[ - travel]

Anti-virus plug-in put millions at risk
Google reprimands a cybersecurity company whose software disabled in-built safety features in the Chrome browser.

New SIR-Network Model helps predict dengue fever epidemic in urban areas
A new mathematical model has been introduced by experts, which offers a simplified approach to studying the spread of the infectious virus, Dengue fever, in urban areas, specifically breaking down the epidemic dynamics across a city and its varying neighborhoods and (...)
[Science daily]

The computer virus that blackmails you
Ransomware is becoming the fastest growing form of computer malware, experts warn.

The computer virus that blackmails you
Ransomware is becoming the fastest growing form of computer malware, experts warn.
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