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Coronavirus: Can the UK do 100,000 tests a day?
The government has pledged to increase daily testing tenfold by the end of the month.
[BBC News UK]

Coronavirus: Trump to defy 'voluntary' advice for Americans to wear masks
The US president says he does not want to be seen in one, despite Centers for Disease Control guidance.
[BBC News Americas]

Coronavirus: Fears for lockdown over weekend of sunshine
Warm weather is expected to give UK police "one of their biggest challenges" in preventing crowds.
[BBC News UK]

Covid 19 coronavirus: What you need to know about Saturday's big developments
Director-General of Health Ashley Bloomfield has raised the possibility coronavirus cases have peaked in New Zealand, as 82 new cases were revealed today, while a decision looms on whether to extend the lockdown. Get all the (...)
[ - world]

Covid 19 coronavirus: Italy's virus death toll jumps 766 to near 15K
The death toll from an outbreak of the coronavirus in Italy has climbed by 766 to 14,681, marginally higher than the daily tally registered a day earlier.Italian authorities have reported 766 new Covid-19 fatalities, bringing (...)
[ - world]

Covid 19 coronavirus: CDC tells everyone in US to wear masks to prevent spread
SIGN UP TO OUR COVID-19 NEWSLETTER.SIGN IN OR REGISTER, THEN SELECT TOP NEWS STORIES Everyone in the United States is now being urged to wear homemade cloth masks to prevent coronavirus cases from skyrocketing further – however...
[ - world]

Covid 19 coronavirus: China's death toll in Wuhan called into question
The initial epicentre of the coronavirus outbreak, Wuhan, has reported a death toll of 2500. The evidence suggests that is far too low.In recent days there has been increased speculation about the validity of China's official (...)
[ - world]

Coronavirus: Skomer man self-isolates on island with just five people
A warden on a Pembrokeshire island famed for its sea birds developed a cough after a trip to the mainland.
[BBC News UK]

Covid-19 coronavirus: Grupo Modelo halts production of Corona beer
Grupo Modelo, the Mexican brewer that makes Corona beer, has temporarily halted production - and blames the coronavirus pandemic.The company says the Mexican government has deemed its business non-essential and, as such, it has...
[ - world]

Coronavirus: US accused of ‘piracy’ over mask ‘confiscation’
Berlin officials say 200,000 masks have been diverted to the US under a law invoked by Donald Trump.
[BBC News Europe]

Coronavirus: Whisky production to resume despite virus concerns
Firms which suspended work in the wake of the outbreak ask staff to come back, unions claim.
[BBC News UK]

Scotland's hospitals prepare for the Covid-19 peak
How Scottish hospitals have totally changed the way they work to create room for coronavirus patients.
[BBC News UK]

Coronavirus: Moving back in with the parents
For some families the outbreak has meant different generations are back living under the same roof.
[BBC News UK]

Coronavirus: How to grieve a loved one when you can't say goodbye
Coronavirus means you often can't be at the side of a loved one in hospital or attend their funeral.
[BBC News UK]

Coronavirus: Fake and misleading stories that went viral this week
A global look at Covid-19 rumours and disinformation.
[BBC News Americas] : news portal | Copyright © DIRECTWAY