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Ebola voices: Fighting the deadly virus in Guinea
'I am proud to have helped cure Ebola patients'
[BBC News Africa]

Ebola fears and 'fat' doctors - the papers
Fears the deadly virus could reach the UK make front-page headlines
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Nigeria takes Ebola precautions
Nigerian authorities have taken a range of measures after a man died of the Ebola virus in Lagos.
[BBC News Africa]

Another day, another sensationalist, unfounded security story
Dan Goodin, at Ars Technica, is writing about a security flaw in Android. It's got all the usual scary-scary language about doom and gloom, quotes from antivirus peddlers, and it wasn't long until sensationalist Apple site AppleInsider took it all one step further (relevant). So, is this a real (...)

West Africa flight ban over Ebola
A West African airline halts flights to Liberia and Sierra Leone amid concern about Ebola as a leading doctor dies of the virus in Sierra Leone.
[BBC News Africa]

Can social media help prevent the spread of Ebola?
Trying to stem the spread of the virus using social media
[BBC News Africa]

Letter from Africa: Ebola invasion
Why the deadly Ebola virus is terrorising West Africa
[BBC News Africa]

Trend Micro caught lying about Android security
Antivirus peddler Trend Micro recently issued a "report", in which it states that "Google Play [is] populated with fake apps, with more than half carrying malware". Sounds scary, right? Well, reality is a little different, as TechRepulic and Android Police found out. It turns out that Trend (...)

The new plague: Computer viruses that extort you
Read full story for latest details.
[CNN Money]

Ranavirus predicted to be potential new culprit in amphibian extinctions
Amphibian declines and extinctions around the world have been linked to an emerging fungal disease called chytridiomycosis, but new research from shows that another pathogen, ranavirus, may also contribute. In a series of mathematical models, researchers showed that ranavirus, which causes (...)
[Science daily]

How can I protect my Windows PC against malware?
Mary has ordered a new Windows PC and wants some advice on anti-spyware and virus protection Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Computation leads to better understanding of influenza virus replication
Computer simulations that reveal a key mechanism in the replication process of influenza A may help defend against future deadly pandemics. Treating influenza relies on drugs that are becoming less and less effective due to viral evolution. But scientists have published computational results (...)
[Science daily]

Cryptolocker: 10 steps to avoid the ransomware virus
Global cybercrime agencies say users already infected with the Cryptolocker ransomware have a two-week window to remove it Cryptolocker virus network thwarted by global operation Continue reading...
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