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VIDEO: BMA warning on 'seven-day NHS' plan
Dr Paul Flynn from the British Medical Association welcomes David Cameron's pledge for "a truly seven-day NHS" by 2020 but warns significant extra funding will be needed.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Father: 'He should not be forgotten'
The father of a British man killed in the Alps plane crash that claimed the lives of 150 people, says his son and all the victims should not be forgotten.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Push to promote UK ice hockey
Ice hockey is seeing a push to get more people involved, the BBC's Mike Bushell reports.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Chocolatier creates giant Easter egg
A chocolatier in Lincolnshire has created a seven-foot (2.1-metre) Easter egg, which he will sell in pieces to raise money for charity, the BBC's Jill Archbold reports.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Sick boy's online campaign takes off
People from all around the world wore yellow to support a sick boy from Corby in central England.
[BBC News UK]

New Zealand 'start as underdogs'
Before Sunday's Cricket World Cup final, BBC Sport rounds up the best quotes, stats and video to preview the MCG showcase.
[BBC News UK]

Nottingham’s National Videogame Arcade gets ready for play time
The UK’s first cultural centre for video games has opened in the east Midlands city and aims to put fun, entertainment and game design on the menu Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

VIDEO: Alps plane crash: How a town is coping
Clive Myrie visits the French town of Seyne-les-Alpes where some residents have described the Alps plane tragedy as the "French Lockerbie".
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: 'Super councils' seek public money
In the wake of greater powers being devolved to Scotland, councils in England have been banding together to demand extra power for their local areas.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Safety concerns after Alps plane crash
Questions are being raised over whether new safety measures are needed after co-pilot Andreas Lubitz is believed to have deliberately crashed a plane in which 150 people died.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: 1980s games reviewed by six-year-olds
Children try out some 1980s games at the new National Videogame Arcade in Nottingham and see how they compare to their modern equivalents.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Kate at last events before baby due
The Duchess of Cambridge, accompanied by Prince William, has attended her final official events before the birth of her second child, as Nicholas Witchell reports.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Can we design for better living?
Can we design for better living?
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Knox's lawyer: Amanda 'is very happy'
One of Amanda Knox's defence lawyers, Carlo Dalla Vedova has told the press she is very happy and has been crying with happiness.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: Who is behind the 'perfect boyfriend'?
Why do people exchange texts with imaginary partners?
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