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VIDEO: Calls to combat radicalisation
Prime Minister David Cameron is facing more calls from across the political spectrum to do more to combat radicalisation among British Muslims.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Will South Africa go into recession?
Is South Africa on the verge of another recession?
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Zimbabwe's depleting fish stocks
Why Zimbabwe's stocks of the small kapenta fish are under threat
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Mackay made big mistake - Redknapp
QPR manager Harry Redknapp believes that Malky Mackay has made a "big mistake" after the former Cardiff boss sent offensive text messages.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Tube strike affects Central line
Commuters and visitors in London have faced disruption as members of the Aslef union take part in strike action on some tube lines.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Lorry blaze forces M25 to close
A section of the M25 in Essex was closed and there were "severe" delays, following a lorry fire which damaged the surface of the carriageway.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Malnutrition up as food prices rise
More people are suffering from malnutrition as a result of worsening food poverty, experts have warned.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Ecclestone 'not scared of anything'
F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone tells the BBC's Dan Roan he wants to run Formula 1 for as long as he can after paying £60m to end his three-month bribery trial.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Apology over 'banter' statement
The League Managers' Association has apologised after describing offensive text messages sent by Malky Mackay as "friendly banter".
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: The threat posed by Dutch jihadists
Islamic State militants have been accused of a number of atrocities in Iraq and Syria - but it is not just people from the region who have been fighting for the group.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: Russia ban bites Polish apple crop
Russian EU food sanctions hit just before the Polish apple crop harvests leaving farmers with a glut of unsold fruit.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: Pillay criticises UN Security Council
The United Nations' Human Rights chief has strongly condemned the UN's Security Council for what she called a failure to deal with conflicts.
[BBC News Americas]

VIDEO: Riot police guard Paris synagogues
French Jews say they are feeling the impact of events in Gaza, with a disturbing rise in anti-semitism.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: Lib Dems want safe standing return
The Liberal Democrats have put forward plans for Premier League and Championship clubs to introduce safe standing at stadiums.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Obama refuses ice bucket challenge
Barack Obama has said he will not be taking part in the ice bucket challenge, a fundraising stunt which involves people drenching themselves with cold water.
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