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VIDEO: Runways report devastating, say locals
Runways report: Harmondsworth residents give their reaction to the Airports Commission report recommending a third Heathrow runway.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: France hit by extreme heatwave
A mass of hot air moving north from Africa drives up temperatures across Europe, with Paris seeing temperatures approaching 40C.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: What do children think of hospital care?
A survey that asked more than 18,000 children what they think about hospital care, found a majority felt safe in hospital, but many said they were not given enough attention from staff.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Testing UK's first human slingshot
A BBC Scotland reporter volunteers to try out the UK's first human slingshot, which reaches speeds of 70mph.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: German views on bailing out Greece
In Frankfurt's central square, the BBC asks what German taxpayers think of propping up Greece's banking system.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: How will schools prevent extremism?
From Wednesday schools will be held legally responsible for preventing pupils from being drawn into terrorism, but how will they tackle the issue?
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Runways report: 'A reasonable solution'
Airports Commission chairman Sir Howard Davies says his report backing a third runway at Heathrow balances the needs of the economy and local communities.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Millennium Development Goals explained
Millennium Development Goals: What are they and how successful have they been?
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Inside Tunisia killer's college
The man who killed 38 at the beach resort of Sousse in Tunisia was "a student like any other", according to an official at his university.
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: How to organise a referendum in a week
Greece will vote on Sunday 5th July in a referendum which may decide the future of the country in the Euro.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: When Iran and US wrestled for real
In 1998, Iran and the US took part in an historic wrestling match in Tehran. Shawn Charles was one of the wrestlers.
[BBC News Americas]

VIDEO: Products designed to make you happier...
A young designer explains how he has re-configured household objects, to make people feel happy as they use them.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Inquest into British backpacker death
Malaysian authorities have started an inquest into the death of a British backpacker who went missing on a jungle trek on Tioman island last year.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Why is Tunisia vulnerable to extremism?
In Tunisia security has been increased at major venues - and many mosques, suspected of fomenting trouble, are being closed.
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Greece deadline: What happens next?
The future of the Greek economy and its existence in the eurozone will be decided over the next few days.
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