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Husband walks in on male nurse having sex with his wife's corpse
A male nurse has been arrested after being caught having sex with a patient who had just died from lung problems by her astonished husband.The pervert received a beating from the grief-stricken partner before being handed over (...)
[ - world]

'Shots were getting closer'
Lisa Marie Husby recalls the day Anders Breivik opened fire as she sat with students attending a summer camp in Norway.
[BBC News UK]

NFL chief's wife used fake Twitter account to defend husband
Wife of often embattled NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell used a fake Twitter account to defend her husband against critics.
[CNN Money]

Experience: we found a baby through Craigslist
Our post had a picture of my husband and me, and a toll-free number so prospective mothers could call us free of charge When I told my husband we were going to adopt, he looked at me as if I were crazy. We had always wanted to do it, but somehow the years had slipped away while we were busy (...)
[The Guardian]

Media Alert - Sound BlasterX Katana Now Supports USB Audio for Sony® PS4™, PS4 pro, and PS4 Slim
Creative Technology Ltd announced that its Award-Winning Under-Monitor Sound System, the Sound BlasterX Katana, now supports USB audio connectivity with all Sony PS4 console variants. The updated support allows PS4 users to enjoy cinematic audio performance via USB delivered by the Katana for (...)
[WebWire Computer gaming]

Husband and wife bank £400m from sale of
Tom and Ruth Chapman join the ranks of the mega-rich after selling their online designer fashion empire to investors A husband and wife who started in fashion retail with one shop in Wimbledon 30 years ago have banked £400m after selling their online designer empire to private (...)
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