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20 best Android apps and games this week
Beatport, Nuzzel, UltraTuner, Silly Sausage in Meat Land, Fast & Furious: Legacy, Final Fantasy Record Keeper, LinkedIn Job Search and more Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

VIDEO: How one US school is battling obesity
Newsround reporter Ricky visited the United States to see how a school in Philadelphia is tackling obesity.
[BBC News Americas]

Norwegian green energy to power UK
Green power from Norway will soon be powering hundreds of thousands of homes in Britain, National Grid says.
[BBC News Europe]

Quantum correlation can imply causation
Contrary to the statistician's slogan, in the quantum world, certain kinds of correlations do imply causation. New research shows that in quantum mechanics, certain kinds of observations will let you distinguish whether there is a common cause or a cause-effect relation between two variables. (...)
[Science daily]

Big dark-web market goes offline
One of the biggest drug marketplaces on the dark web shuts down amid accusations its owners have fled with cash belonging to the site's traders.

The percent sign
Since then the ‘%’ has gone from strength to strength, and today we revel in a whole family of “per â€"â€"â€"â€"” signs, with ‘%’ joined by ‘‰’ (“per mille”, or per thousand) and ‘‱’ (per ten thousand). All very logical, on the face of it, and all based on a fundamental misunderstanding of how (...)

Social media training works best for student-athletes, study shows
Placing less reliance on monitoring software and modifying new media training to align with student-athletes' habits and input will promote more positive and responsible usage on social networks, research shows.
[Science daily]

Genetec SV-32 Unified Security Appliance Now Available Through Key Distributors in the United States
Genetec™ , a manufacturer of open platform, unified IP security solutions, today announced that its SV-32 , a security appliance that provides native support for video surveillance and access control capabilities, is available through new distribution partnerships in the US. The SV-32 appliance (...)
[WebWire High tech security]

Tablet use: significance of usage position, potential for neck damage
Tablet use has rocketed. Last year in the US, for example, 42% of under 18’s owned one and more than half of 35-49 year olds used them regularly. This figure seems unlikely to decrease and yet only limited guidance is available on minimizing health risks. Tablet use requires significant head and (...)
[Science daily]

Data driven discoveries: Imagine smart cities with thousands of strategically placed sensors
The Array of Things, The Internet of Things, ultimately, “smart” cities have to feature hundreds, maybe thousands, of strategically placed sensors. These devices would record everything from air pressure and temperature to microbial content. The newly developed Waggle platform is the system on a (...)
[Science daily]

Kirin: a processor the western world should look out for
After years of rapid growth, HiSilicon is now the number one IC design company in China, and in 2013 generated $1.4 billion USD. The company was formed in Shenzhen in 2004 and has since set up offices in: Beijing, Shanghai, Silicon Valley (USA) and Sweden. They predominantly produce the Kirin (...)

In pictures: Child migrants on Lampedusa
African child migrants on Lampedusa island
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: The robot that can play the violin
A retired engineer in the USA has created a 'kinetic sculpture' that can replicate digital files and play them on a violin.

VIDEO: The robot that can play the violin
A retired engineer in the USA has created a 'kinetic sculpture' that can replicate digital files and play them on a violin.
[BBC News]

Net neutrality is like free speech – and the internet needs rules, says FCC boss
Tom Wheeler tells the world’s largest telecoms trade show ‘there needs to be a referee’ even as European officials propose fast lanes that don’t impair traffic The US’s top media regulator hit back at critics of new net neutrality rules voted into law last week, comparing them to the first amendment (...)
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