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Marissa Mayer's security cost Yahoo $500,000
Yahoo dramatically beefed up Marissa Mayer's security detail after she and her family have faced a "credible" threat to their safety.
[CNN Money]

Homefront: The Revolution review – an ambitious, but flawed shooter
With its open-world environment and emphasis on crafting, this is an interesting sequel, marred by glitches and frame rate issues For years, the mainstream games industry has been accused of lacking ambition. The default strategy is to rely on big-budget franchises that get updated on an annual (...)
[The Guardian]

Coming to a screen near you… the 20 best new social apps
There are plenty of great social apps jostling to be the next smartphone hit. Here are some of the contenders The most popular social apps – Facebook and WhatsApp, Messenger and Instagram, as well as Twitter and Snapchat – have hundreds of millions of people using them. They’re not in any (...)
[The Guardian]

Boko Haram abductees freed in Nigeria
The Nigerian army says it has freed 97 women and girls from Boko Haram, including one taken from Chibok school, however this is disputed.
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Ninety-seven rescued from Boko Haram
The Nigerian military has announced that 97 women and children held by the Islamist group Boko Haram have been rescued.
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Sanderson on bringing up toddlers at 60
Former Olympic Champion Tessa Sanderson, 60, talks to the Victoria Derbyshire programme about bringing up her adopted twins, Cassius and Ruby May.
[BBC News UK]

Gaming ransomware gang shuts down
The gang who made the notorious Teslacrypt ransomware virus has shut up shop and released the master key it used to scramble data.
[BBC News]

New angles on visual cloaking of everyday objects
Using the same mathematical framework as the Rochester Cloak, researchers have been able to use flat screen displays to extend the range of angles that can be hidden from view. Their method lays out how cloaks of arbitrary shapes, that work from multiple viewpoints, may be practically realized (...)
[Science daily]

Fighting the Zika virus with the power of supercomputing
A new international project is aiming to identify potential drugs to fight the Zika virus, using the supercomputing power of IBM's World Community Grid to dramatically reduce the time it would otherwise take.
[Science daily]

Paradis quartier bas
Saint-Gabriel, village de Provence : un passé ouvrier qui s'étiole, des touristes béats, le racisme rampant... A la sortie du village, quelques maisons groupées en un ancien hameau, c'est Paradis, quartier bas. François Balestre, la cinquantaine un peu découragée, journaliste occasionnel pour une (...)
[EVENE - Actualité du Livre]

How your brain learns to ride the subway, and why AI developers care
In machine learning, a programmer might develop an AI that can calculate all possible consequences of a single action. Humans, however, don't have the same raw computational power; we have to efficiently create and execute a plan. We mentally invent different 'layers' to organize (...)
[Science daily]

New technology reduces 30% chip area of STT-MRAM while increasing memory bit yield by 70%
Researchers have successfully developed a technology to stack magnetic tunnel junctions directly on the vertical interconnect access.
[Science daily]

Shape-shifting modular interactive device unveiled
A prototype for an interactive mobile device, called Cubimorph, can change shape on-demand. The modular interactive device, made out of a chain of cubes, contributes towards the vision of programmable matter, where interactive devices change its shape to fit functionalities required by (...)
[Science daily]

VIDEO: 'I travelled 3,000 miles for Man Utd match'
A Manchester United fan from Sierra Leone whose dream trip to Old Trafford was ruined by Sunday's dummy bomb drama will attend the FA Cup final thanks to a campaign by supporters.
[BBC News Africa]

A better hologram for fraud protection and wearable optics
Holograms are a ubiquitous part of our lives. They are in our wallets -- protecting credit cards, cash and driver's licenses from fraud -- in grocery store scanners and biomedical devices.
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