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Attractions reimagined with Disney characters
An artist has created a series that transforms cities into beautiful Disney scenes, using only paper and scissors - and he's keen to bring his work to New Zealand.Instagrammer Rich McCor, from London, has given attractions such...
[ - travel]

NUS 'right to have no platform policy'
Nearly two-thirds (63%) of university students believe the National Union of Students is right to have a "no platforming" policy, a Victoria Derbyshire programme survey suggests.
[BBC News UK]

AT&T offering $5 internet to low-income families
Anyone receiving food stamps can sign up for the Access from AT&T program and get slow but cheap internet for $5 to $10 a month.
[CNN Money]

Greece bailout talks make 'progress'
Eurozone finance ministers say they have made progress in talks about the bailout programme for Greece.
[BBC News Europe]

Computers play a crucial role in preserving the Earth
Computer scientists, programmers, theorists, applied mathematicians, economists, biologists and environmental scientists have helped create a new field, computational sustainability, addressing challenges that computer scientists have not traditionally handled. Together, they have tackled a (...)
[Science daily]

Zip software can detect the quantum-classical boundary
A new technique to detect quantum behavior relies on a familiar tool: a 'zip' program you might have installed on your computer.
[Science daily]

'Sony to release upgraded PS4 with faster GPU, processor, RAM'
Earlier this year, rumors began to fly that Sony would release an upgraded version of the PlayStation 4, a console often called the PS4.5 or the PS4K by fans and press. Today, multiple sources have confirmed for us details of the project, which is internally referred to as the NEO. No price was (...)

New mathematical model challenges aggressive antibiotic treatments
Antibiotic resistance is one of the most challenging problems in modern medicine. A new study provides a new mathematical model to evaluate the best treatment protocol to clear an infection, by taking into account the role of the host immune system. This new conceptual framework may be used in (...)
[Science daily]

First computer program developed to detect DNA mutations in single cancer cells
A new method for detecting DNA mutations in a single cancer cell has been announced. This is in comparison to current technology that analyzes millions of cells which they believe could have important applications for cancer diagnosis and (...)
[Science daily]

New computer program can help uncover hidden genomic alterations that drive cancers
Cancer is rarely the result of a single mutation in a single gene. Rather, tumors arise from the complex interplay between any number of mutually exclusive abnormal changes in the genome, the combinations of which can be unique to each individual patient. To better characterize the functional (...)
[Science daily]

Marin Fairfax SC6 DLX: bike review | Martin Love
Marin is a leading name in the world of mountain biking, but this commuter bike tames the city streets, too Back in 1986, across the Golden Gate bridge from San Francisco and, no doubt, on a countercultural high, Marin released its first mountain bike. Its chunky wheels and solid frame were (...)
[The Guardian]

New debugger finds security flaws in popular web apps
By exploiting some peculiarities of the popular Web programming framework Ruby on Rails, researchers have developed a system that can quickly comb through tens of thousands of lines of application code to find security flaws. In tests on 50 popular Web applications written using Ruby on Rails, (...)
[Science daily]

U.S. govt to Windows customers: delete QuickTime
Windows customers should uninstall Apple's QuickTime program, according to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security.
[CNN Money]

New project helps researchers build a biomedical knowledgebase
Over the past 10 years, the volume and rate of biomedical research has increased dramatically, leading to a rapid growth in biomedical knowledge. However, this knowledge is currently fragmented across countless resources. Scientists have integrated biomedical data into Wikidata, a public, (...)
[Science daily]

Microsoft builds new AI bot to ignore Hitler
Microsoft seems to be trying to avoid another PR disaster with its new AI bot. The company released a new program on Thursday that can describe what it "sees" in photos -- except it ignores anything that has to do with Hitler.
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