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Swedish politician gets pie thrown in face
STOCKHOLM (AP) Police say Sweden's social affairs minister had a pie thrown in his face while campaigning for next month's parliamentary election.The incident happened Monday in Goteborg, Sweden's second largest city, where Goran...
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VIDEO: The reindeer herders battling a mine
A British mining company is at the centre of a bitter dispute with the Sami reindeer herders over its plans to drill for iron ore in the far north of Sweden.
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2013 Media Barometer survey: The time devoted to both conventional and social media each day is growing; digital divides are widening
Smartphones have made it far easier for people to find and exchange information and to make their views heard. In 2010, 14 per cent of the people of Sweden had access to a smartphone; three years later, in 2013, the figure is 67 per cent. More time is devoted to both online editions of (...)
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Carbon footprint of the Swedish information and communication technology sector mapped out
A unique study that maps out the climate impact of the Swedish Information and Communication Technology (ICT) sector has been completed and published. Despite a rapid growth in the use of computers and mobile phones in Sweden, emissions per user are low. The Swedish ICT sector has grown (...)
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