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One-step printing process provides cost-efficient transparent, conductive and patterned coatings for flexible touchscreens
Mobile phones and smart phones still haven‘t been adapted to the carrying habits of their users. That much is clear to anyone who has tried sitting down with a mobile phone in their back pocket: the displays of the innumerable phones and pods are rigid and do not yield to the anatomical forms (...)
[Science daily]

Behavioral studies from mobile crowd-sensing
Using mobile phones for research is not new. However, interpreting the data collected from volunteers' own smart phones-which has the potential to emulate randomized trials-can advance research into human behavior. Scientists have just demonstrated the potential of using smart phones for (...)
[Science daily]

Be a smart phone user – follow our five steps to cheaper mobile bills
Nine out of 10 people are paying too much for the wrong mobile phone contract, but there are ways to save money Mobile phone users in the UK are wasting about £160 a year by being on the wrong contract, according to a new report. Furthermore, 90% of those with a mobile are losing out this way. (...)
[The Guardian]

Transparent metal films for smart phone, tablet and TV displays
A new material that is both highly transparent and electrically conductive could make large screen displays, smart windows and even touch screens and solar cells more affordable and efficient.
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