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New iPad game could help diagnose autism in children
Autism could be diagnosed by allowing children to play games on smart phones and tablets, a study has found. Researchers used fun iPad games to track players’ hand movements – gathering information that can help identify autism.
[Science daily]

RetroScope opens doors to the past in smart phone investigations
The increasing use of mobile technology in today's society has made information stored in the memory of smart phones just as important as evidence recovered from traditional crime scenes. Now researchers are working on a new technique to aid law enforcement in gathering data from smart (...)
[Science daily]

Distraction in action
Researchers have developed an application that can be accessed from parents' smart phones, tablets, or computers and used to distract children during painful procedures.
[Science daily]

Review of the Ubuntu-powered Meizu Pro 5
Canonical has been talking about making Ubuntu on tablets and phones a reality now for several years, and in recent months we have finally seen a few devices come on the market. A review of the Meizu Pro 5, a Ubuntu-powered smart phone that is compatible with North American 4G networks, (...)
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