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Digital messages on vehicle windshields make driving less safe
Augmented-reality head-up displays (AR-HUDs) that present digital images on windshields to alert drivers to everything from possible collisions to smart phone activity, are meant to make driving safer. But researchers say they are a threat to safety, as drivers frequently need to divide their (...)
[Science daily]

Recovering a rare metal from LCDs to avoid depleting key resource
Life without bright screens on our smart phones and TVs is hard to imagine. But in 20 years, one of the essential components of the liquid-crystal displays, or LCDs, that make many of our gadgets possible could disappear.
[Science daily]

Several popular smart phones fail to reach normal Internet speeds
A lot of users are using outdated mobile devices that fail to reach adequate speeds on mobile networks. This is shown by measurements shared by the users of Netradar, a free mobile application that measures mobile connections and devices, developed and run globally from (...)
[Science daily]

Mobile Maestro: Immersive sound reproduction system from several smart phones
Mobile Maestro enables users to enjoy a high-quality listening experience anytime and anywhere through the collaborative use of multiple mobile devices.
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