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Tiny lasers enable next-gen microprocessors to run faster, less power-hungry
Tiny high-performance lasers grown directly on silicon wafers solve a decades-old semiconductor industry challenge that, until now, has held back the integration of photonics with electronics on the silicon platform. Scientists were able to fabricate tiny lasers directly on silicon -- a huge (...)
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Best of both worlds: Ferromagnetism and semiconductor for spintronics
More, faster, better, cheaper. These are the demands of our device-happy and data-centered world. Meeting these demands requires technologies for processing and storing information. Now, a significant obstacle to the development of next-generation device technologies appears to have been (...)
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Method to improve photoluminescence efficiency of 2-D semiconductors
Scientists have developed a method to enhance the photoluminescence efficiency of tungsten diselenide, a two-dimensional semiconductor, paving the way for the application of such semiconductors in advanced optoelectronic and photonic (...)
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