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Best of both worlds: Ferromagnetism and semiconductor for spintronics
More, faster, better, cheaper. These are the demands of our device-happy and data-centered world. Meeting these demands requires technologies for processing and storing information. Now, a significant obstacle to the development of next-generation device technologies appears to have been (...)
[Science daily]

Method to improve photoluminescence efficiency of 2-D semiconductors
Scientists have developed a method to enhance the photoluminescence efficiency of tungsten diselenide, a two-dimensional semiconductor, paving the way for the application of such semiconductors in advanced optoelectronic and photonic (...)
[Science daily]

Theory establishes a path to high-performance 2-D semiconductor devices
Researchers have uncovered a way to overcome a principal obstacle in using two-dimensional (2-D) semiconductors in electronic and optoelectronic devices.
[Science daily]

'Odd couple' monolayer semiconductors align to advance optoelectronics
Scientists synthesized a stack of atomically thin monolayers of two lattice-mismatched semiconductors and created an atomically thin solar cell.
[Science daily]

Quantum dots enhance light-to-current conversion in layered semiconductors
Scientists combined the excellent light-harvesting properties of quantum dots with the tunable electrical conductivity of a layered tin disulfide semiconductor to produce a hybrid material that exhibited enhanced light-harvesting and energy transfer properties. The research paves the way for (...)
[Science daily]

Long-distance transport of electron spins for spin-based logic devices
A research team has demonstrated long-distance spin transport by electrical means in a semiconductor quantum well, which is designed to increase spin lifetime.
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