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Advancing materials science with the help of biology and a dash of dish soap
Scientists have finally found a way to probe delicate microcrystals with powerful X-ray laser beams. They say their method could help advance semiconductor and solar cell development.
[Science daily]

Towards compact quantum computers thanks to topology
Researchers at PSI have compared the electron distribution below the oxide layer of two semiconductors. The investigation is part of an effort to develop particularly stable quantum bits -- and thus, in turn, particularly efficient quantum (...)
[Science daily]

Quantum computing in silicon hits 99 percent accuracy
Researchers have proven that near error-free quantum computing is possible, paving the way to build silicon-based quantum devices compatible with current semiconductor manufacturing technology.
[Science daily]

Novel semiconductor gives new perspective on anomalous Hall effect
A large, unconventional anomalous Hall resistance in a new magnetic semiconductor in the absence of large-scale magnetic ordering has been demonstrated, validating a recent theoretical prediction. Their findings provide new insights into the anomalous Hall effect, a quantum phenomenon that has (...)
[Science daily]

Semiconductors reach the quantum world
Quantum effects in superconductors could give semiconductor technology a new twist. Researchers have identified a composite material that could integrate quantum devices into semiconductor technology, making electronic components significantly more (...)
[Science daily]

Fabricating stable, high-mobility transistors for next-generation display technologies
The trade-off between carrier mobility and stability in amorphous oxide semiconductor-based thin film transistors (TFTs) has been finally overcome by researchers in an ingeniously fabricated indium tin zinc oxide TFT. This could pave the way for the design of display technologies that are (...)
[Science daily]

Soft semiconductors that stretch like human skin can detect ultra-low light levels
Researchers have demonstrated a new photodetector material that acts like a second skin layer and is up to 200% more stretchable than its original dimension without significantly losing its electric current. The researchers say the soft flexible photodetectors could enhance the utility of (...)
[Science daily]

Stellantis, Foxconn Partner to Design and Sell New Flexible Semiconductors for Automotive Industry
Stellantis N.V. (NYSE / MTA / Euronext Paris: STLA) (“Stellantis”) and Hon Hai Technology Group, (“Foxconn”) (TWSE: 2317) today announced the signing of a non-binding memorandum of understanding to create a partnership with the intent to design a family of purpose-built semiconductors to support (...)
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