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New insights into graphene and organic composites in electronics
Chemists have reviewed the potential for graphene-organic composite materials in electronics. The researchers show how organic semiconductors can be used to better process graphene, and to tune its properties for particular applications.
[Science daily]

Future electronics based on carbon nanotubes
A big barrier to building useful electronics with carbon nanotubes has always been the fact that when they're arrayed into films, a certain portion of them will act more like metals than semiconductors. But now researchers have shown how to strip out the metallic carbon nanotubes from arrays (...)
[Science daily]

Unique observation in semiconductors: New charge transport phenomenon
Researchers have collaborated in the study of the movement of charges over interfaces of semiconductor materials. The group noticed a new kind of transport phenomenon for charges. In the phenomenon, a pair formed by a negative electron and a positive charge moves onto an interface, after which (...)
[Science daily]

Scientists build a nanolaser using a single atomic sheet
Scientists have built a new nanometer-sized laser using a semiconductor that's only three atoms thick. It could help open the door to next-generation computing that uses light, rather than electrons, to transfer information.
[Science daily]

Quantum dots 'breathe' in response to stress
Researchers have watched nanoscale semiconductor crystals expand and shrink in response to powerful pulses of laser light. This ultrafast "breathing" provides new insight about how such tiny structures change shape as they start to melt -- information that can help guide researchers in (...)
[Science daily]

30 years after C60: Fullerene chemistry with silicon opens new possibilities in semiconductor industry
Chemists have managed to synthesize a compound featuring an Si20 dodecahedron. The long strived-for silicon dodecahedron has been synthesized at room temperature.
[Science daily]

Chip makers will merge in deal worth $11.8 billion
NXP Semiconductors said on Sunday that it would buy a smaller peer, Freescale Semiconductor, in an $11.8 billion deal that would create a big maker of chips for industries as varied as automobiles and mobile payments. The merger will also offer some relief to the private equity firms that (...)
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