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Darwins Day to Yuris Night: some science dates to remember
When to join in the celebrations for Newton, Pi and Neil Armstrongs historic step Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

VIDEO: Legacy of CT scanner scientist
The scientist who helped develop the CT scanner has been celebrated by the University of Nottingham 10 years after his death.
[BBC News UK]

Scientists twist radio beams to send data: Transmissions reach speeds of 32 gigibits per second
Researchers twist four radio beams together to achieve high data transmission speeds. The researchers reached data transmission rates of 32 gigabits per second across 2.5 meters of free space in a basement lab. For reference, 32 gigabits per second is fast enough to transmit more than 10 (...)
[Science daily]

Moving silicon atoms in graphene with atomic precision
In recent years, it has become possible to see directly individual atoms using electron microscopy -- especially in graphene, the one-atom-thick sheet of carbon. Scientists have now shown how an electron beam can move silicon atoms through the graphene lattice without causing damage. The (...)
[Science daily]

Scientists fabricate single-photon sources in solid matter
A breakthrough in quantum information processing was achieved using state-of-the-art diamond growth technology. A research group has successfully fabricated for the first time in the world single-photon sources of SiV (silicon vacancy) centers – one of the color centers in diamond during the (...)
[Science daily]

Robot could load up dishwasher
A robot unveiled today at the British Science Festival will be loading dishwashers next year, its developers claim.
[BBC News]

Video game teaches kids how to code
Computer scientists have successfully funded on Kickstarter a new and improved version of CodeSpells, a first-person player game they developed that teaches players how to code.
[Science daily]

New method to detect prize particle for future quantum computing
Scientists have uncovered a new method to detect Majorana particles, a key element for a next-generation quantum computing platform. Quantum computing relies on the laws of quantum mechanics to process vast amounts of information and calculations simultaneously, with far more power than current (...)
[Science daily]

Squeezed quantum communication: Flashes of light in quantum states transmitted through atmosphere
Scientists have sent a pulse of bright light in a particularly sensitive quantum state through 1.6 kilometers of air. This quantum state, which they call squeezed, was maintained, which is something many physicists thought to be impossible. Eavesdropping on a message protected by quantum (...)
[Science daily]

Buckyballs and diamondoids in tiny electronic gadget: Two exotic types of carbon form molecule for steering electron flow
Scientists have married two unconventional forms of carbon -- one shaped like a soccer ball, the other a tiny diamond -- to make a molecule that conducts electricity in only one direction. This tiny electronic component, known as a rectifier, could play a key role in shrinking chip components (...)
[Science daily]

Layered graphene sandwich for next generation electronics
Sandwiching layers of graphene with white graphene could produce designer materials capable of creating high-frequency electronic devices, scientists have found.
[Science daily]

Selfie science: taking perfect pics
How to take the perfect photo

Selfie science: taking perfect pics
How to take the perfect photo
[BBC News]

Biomedical technique applied to reveal changes within body of ocean
For decades, medical researchers have sought new methods to diagnose how different types of cells and systems in the body are functioning. Now scientists have adapted an emerging biomedical technique to study the vast body of the (...)
[Science daily]

Logic PD's Bill Betten to Address Medical Device Technology Landscape at MedTechWorld's MEDevice San Diego Conference & Showcase
Logic PD , a product innovation and realization company for connected devices, today announced VP of Business Solutions for Medical and Life Sciences, Bill Betten's participation in two educational sessions at the MEDevice Conference & Technology Showcase . The show is taking place from (...)
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