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The science behind the dress colour illusion
Why do some people see #TheDress as blue and black, and some as gold and white? Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

VIDEO: Star Trek's Leonard Nimoy dies
Leonard Nimoy, the actor who played Mr Spock in the US science fiction series Star Trek, has died at the age of 83.
[BBC News Americas]

Dying in front of the camera: What are the impacts?
Clips of protesters dying in consequence of current conflicts appear more and more frequently on YouTube. What do they trigger? How do they change the media and the way we perceive things? These are the questions investigated by a media scientist using the example of the conflicts in Iran and (...)
[Science daily]

Police to reinvestigate 1978 murder
The unsolved murder of 32-year-old scientist Dr Brenda Page in Aberdeen in 1978 is to be reinvestigated.
[BBC News UK]

Economic models provide insights into global sustainability challenges
Using models that blend global economics, geography, ecology and environmental sciences is essential to understanding how changes in trade and natural systems in one part of the world affect those in another, a review concludes.
[Science daily]

Killer frog disease hits Madagascar
A devastating disease that has wiped out amphibians around the world has been discovered in Madagascar, scientists report.
[BBC News Africa]

VIDEO: Bionic eye will 'restore sight'
Scientists at a North East university are working to help "restore sight" to people who have lost their eyes.
[BBC News UK]

Machine learns to play video games
A machine inspired by the human brain has learned how to play 49 classic Atari video games - a step towards self-thinking robots, scientists say.
[BBC News]

5G researchers achieve record speed
Scientists researching 5G at the University of Surrey achieve data connection many thousands of times faster than the average 4G.

5G researchers achieve record speed
Scientists researching 5G at the University of Surrey achieve data connection many thousands of times faster than the average 4G.
[BBC News]

Maggie Aderin-Pocock: 'The Clangers inspired me to become a space scientist'
Space scientist Maggie Aderin-Pocock discusses her life long obsession with the cosmos and how the Clangers inspired the first steps on her career path. Watch the full interview with Maggie in our 'Where I Went Right' video interactive, which also features three more films exploring the (...)
[The Guardian]

Sensor-packed smartphones can read your mood, guard your data, and wreak havoc in the wrong hands
Smartphones have replaced nearly every conceivable gadget, but computer scientists are teaching them some new tricks. The researchers are adapting accelerometers, GPS chips, gyroscopes and other sensors to make phones that can read a user's mood, eliminate passwords, protect financial (...)
[Science daily]

Optical nanoantennas set the stage for a NEMS lab-on-a-chip revolution
Newly developed tiny antennas, likened to spotlights on the nanoscale, offer the potential to measure food safety, identify pollutants in the air and even quickly diagnose and treat cancer, according to the scientists who created (...)
[Science daily]

3D printed guides can help restore function in damaged nerves
Scientists have succeeded in using a 3-D printed guide to help nerves damaged in traumatic incidents repair themselves. The team used the device to repair nerve damage in animal models and say the method could help treat many types of traumatic (...)
[Science daily]

Glitch trips up top computer school
Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh has apologised after it mistakenly sent out 800 admission letters to its prestigious computer science programme.
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