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IBM Research And Mars, Inc. Launch Pioneering Effort To Drive Advances In Global Food Safety
Scientists from IBM Research and Mars, Incorporated today established the “Consortium for Sequencing the Food Supply Chain,” a collaborative food safety platform that will leverage advances in genomics to further our understanding of what makes food safe. Protecting the global food supply is a (...)
[WebWire Computer software]

Ebola virus mutating, scientists say
Scientists at the Institut Pasteur in France who are tracking the Ebola outbreak in Guinea say the virus has mutated.
[BBC News Africa]

Nuclear scientist jailed in US
A former nuclear scientist in the US is jailed for five years for trying to pass nuclear bomb-making secrets to Venezuela.
[BBC News Americas]

VIDEO: Ex Greek PM: 'My conscience is clear'
Former Greek PM George Papandreou tells Newsnight he does not feel guilty about signing up to austerity
[BBC News Europe]

Chemists control structure to unlock magnetization and polarization simultaneously
Scientists have controlled the structure of a material to simultaneously generate both magnetization and electrical polarization, an advance which has potential applications in information storage and processing.
[Science daily]

How cancer turns good cells to the dark side
Biophysicists reveal how cancer uses notch-signaling pathways to promote metastasis. Their computer models provide a fresh theoretical framework for scientists who study ways to target cancer progression.
[Science daily]

Entanglement on a chip: Breakthrough promises secure communications and faster computers
A team of scientists has developed, for the first time, a microscopic component that is small enough to fit onto a standard silicon chip that can generate a continuous supply of entangled photons.
[Science daily]

3-D view of Greenland Ice Sheet opens window on ice history
Scientists using ice-penetrating radar have created 3-D maps of the age of the ice within the Greenland Ice Sheet. The new maps will aid future research to understand the impact of climate change on the ice sheet. The Greenland Ice Sheet is the second largest mass of ice on Earth, containing (...)
[Science daily]

Scientists set quantum speed limit
The flip side of Heisenberg's uncertainty principle, the energy time uncertainty principle, establishes a speed limit for transitions between two states. Physical chemists have now proved this principle for transitions between states that are not entirely distinct, allowing the calculation of (...)
[Science daily]

Major breakthrough in reading ancient scrolls
Revolutionary software is making a breakthrough in reading 2,000-year old Herculaneum scrolls, computer scientists report. After working for more than 10 years on unlocking an ancient piece of history, what lies inside damaged Herculaneum scrolls, one researcher will accomplish the next step in (...)
[Science daily]

NASA, Microsoft collaboration will allow scientists to 'work on Mars'
NASA and Microsoft have teamed up to develop software called OnSight, a new technology that will enable scientists to work virtually on Mars using wearable technology called Microsoft HoloLens.
[Science daily]

Computer scientists improve privacy of Internet currency Bitcoin
It is traded on special stock exchanges and is accepted not only by various online shops, but also by thousands of brick-and-mortar stores across the globe: the virtual currency Bitcoin. The users benefit from its advantages: Since it does not require a central bank, the transactions can be (...)
[Science daily]

Optimizing optimization algorithms: Getting best results when approximating solutions to complex engineering problems
Optimization algorithms, which try to find the minimum values of mathematical functions, are everywhere in engineering. Among other things, they're used to evaluate design tradeoffs, to assess control systems, and to find patterns in data. Scientists have come up with a way to generate a (...)
[Science daily]

Graphene brings quantum effects to electronic circuits
Scientists have revealed a superfluid phase in ultra-low temperature 2D materials, creating the potential for electronic devices which dissipate very little energy.
[Science daily]

How attached to our smart phones are we?
Are we emotionally attached to our smart phones? That was the question scientists hoped to answer in a new article. understanding how users become reliant on their smart phone for particular tasks, how they invest time and money in these gadgets and perhaps even how their relationship with (...)
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