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NBA Playoffs: How Denver Nuggets' Zeke Nnaji promotes AI and virtual reality
As he looks ahead to the NBA Finals, Denver Nuggets forward Zeke Nnaji explains why he's nurturing budding scientists in Nigeria.
[BBC News Africa]

A protein mines, sorts rare earths better than humans, paving way for green tech
Rare earth elements, like neodymium and dysprosium, are a critical component to almost all modern technologies, from smartphones to hard drives, but they are notoriously hard to separate from the Earth's crust and from one another. Scientists have discovered a new mechanism by which (...)
[Science daily]

AI 'godfather' Yoshua Bengio feels 'lost' over life's work
Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio tells the BBC he did not realise AI would develop so fast.

AI 'godfather' Yoshua Bengio feels 'lost' over life's work
Canadian computer scientist Yoshua Bengio tells the BBC he did not realise AI would develop so fast.
[BBC News]

Emergence of solvated dielectrons observed for the first time
Scientists generate low-energy electrons using ultraviolet light.
[Science daily]

Using AI, scientists find a drug that could combat drug-resistant infections
Using AI, researchers identified a new antibiotic that can kill Acinetobacter baumannii, a type of bacteria that is responsible for many drug-resistant infections.
[Science daily]

Quantum scientists accurately measure power levels one trillion times lower than usual
Scientists have developed a nanodevice that can measure the absolute power of microwave radiation down to the femtowatt level at ultra-low temperatures -- a scale trillion times lower than routinely used in verifiable power measurements. The device has the potential to significantly advance (...)
[Science daily]

The metaverse can lead to better science
One researcher says we should look beyond the hype to see how virtual reality can make scientists more effective. But to realize the benefits, researchers must also plan well and avoid potential pitfalls.
[Science daily]

Scientists propose revolution in complex systems modelling with quantum technologies
Scientists have made a significant advancement with quantum technologies that could transform complex systems modelling with an accurate and effective approach that requires significantly re-duced memory.
[Science daily]

Quantum matter breakthrough: Tuning density waves
Scientists have found a new way to create a crystalline structure called a 'density wave' in an atomic gas. The findings can help us better understand the behavior of quantum matter, one of the most complex problems in (...)
[Science daily]

Scientists find evidence for new superconducting state in Ising superconductor
In a ground-breaking experiment, scientists have discovered the existence of a superconductive state that was first predicted in 2017. This discovery could have significant applications, particularly in the field of superconducting (...)
[Science daily]

Bloomberg's New Voices returns to London
Bloomberg's New Voices launched a new cohort of media training for female business and finance executives in London with a networking reception at the Science Museum. The launch event featured a conversation with Nicola Mendelsohn, Head of Global Business Group at Meta, and Bloomberg (...)
[WebWire Internet technology]

Effects of crypto mining on Texas power grid
Scientists are working to understand how cryptocurrency mining impacts the power grid and how to use this information for further research, education and policymaking.
[Science daily]

A better way to study ocean currents
Computer scientists and oceanographers developed a machine-learning model that generates more accurate predictions about the velocities of ocean currents. The model could help make more precise weather forecasts or effectively predict how oil will spread after a (...)
[Science daily]

Curved spacetime in a quantum simulator
The connection between quantum physics and the theory of relativity is extremely hard to study. But now, scientists have set up a model system, which can help: Quantum particles can be tuned in such a way that the results can be translated into information about other systems, which are much (...)
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