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'Smart' lithium-ion battery warns of fire hazard
Scientists have developed a 'smart' lithium-ion battery that gives ample warning before it overheats and bursts into flames. The new technology is designed for conventional lithium-ion batteries now used in billions of cellphones, laptops and other electronic devices, as well as a growing (...)
[Science daily]

Ultra-fast charging batteries that can be 70% recharged in just two minutes
Scientists have developed a new battery that can be recharged up to 70 per cent in only 2 minutes. The battery will also have a longer lifespan of over 20 years. Expected to be the next big thing in battery technology, this breakthrough has a wide-ranging impact on many industries, especially (...)
[Science daily]

2014 Nobel Prize in Economics: Market power and regulation
The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences has decided to award The Sveriges Riksbank Prize in Economic Sciences in Memory of Alfred Nobel for 2014 to Jean Tirole of Toulouse 1 Capitole University, France, "for his analysis of market power and (...)
[Science daily]

Programming computers in everyday language
Computers speak a language of their own. They can only be programmed by those, who know the code. Computer scientists are now working on software that directly translates natural language into machine-readable source texts. In this way, users may generate own computer applications in a few (...)
[Science daily]

A novel platform for future spintronic technologies
Spintronics is a new field of electronics, using electron spin rather than charge. Scientists have now shown that a conventional electrical insulator can be used as an optimal spintronic device.
[Science daily]

How English became language of science
How the US changed the language of science
[BBC News Americas]

Flying robots to save lives in the Alps
Scientists at the University of Twente are working on robots that are expected to save lives in calamity situations in the Alps. The emphasis within this SHERPA project is on cooperation between human rescue workers, the ground robot (‘ground rover’) with a robotic arm and flying (...)
[Science daily]

Launch of new sensor device on Hudson River set to 'wire' river for cleaner water
In the race to find solutions to critical water issues, the launch of a new cost-effective water quality sensor device is the first step in overcoming hurdles of historically prohibitive costs for long-term water resource monitoring, scientists (...)
[Science daily]

Computer science: 'Data smashing' could unshackle automated discovery
Computing researchers have come up with a new principle they call 'data smashing' for estimating the similarities between streams of arbitrary data without human intervention, and without access to the data sources.
[Science daily]

VIDEO: Ebola: 'Europe will see more cases'
Peter Piot, one of the scientists who discovered Ebola in 1976, has told the BBC more must be done to stop the spread of the virus saying he never imagined an outbreak "could have got to this point"
[BBC News Europe]

International collaborations produce more influential science, analysis finds
A new analysis calculating the scientific impact of 1.25 million journal articles finds that papers with authors from multiple countries are cited more often and more likely to both appear in prestigious journals, and provides a new perspective on the changing global landscape of scientific (...)
[Science daily]

Smartphone understands hand gestures
Computer scientists have developed a new app enabling users to operate their smartphone with gestures. This development expands the range of potential interactions with such devices.
[Science daily]

Bioinformatician helps biologists find key genes
It’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Scientists searching for the gene or gene combination that affects even one plant or animal characteristic must sort through massive amounts of data, according to a professor of the mathematics and statistics. He leads a bioinformatics research (...)
[Science daily]

Private telephone conversations: Dynamic encryption keeps secrets
Scientists have invented a new way to encrypt telephone conversations that makes it very difficult to ‘eavesdrop’. The invention can help to curb industrial espionage.
[Science daily]

Nobel Prize for blue LED invention
The 2014 Nobel Prize for physics is won by trio of scientists in Japan and the US for the invention of blue light emitting diodes (LED).
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