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Humanoid diving robot hunts for sunken treasure in French shipwreck
‘Robo-mermaid’ able to reach depths too dangerous for human divers retrieves vase from wreck of Louis XIV’s flagship Robotics scientists at the US’s Stanford University have achieved a remarkable first: they have successfully sent an automated avatar – which they describe as a robo-mermaid – down to (...)
[The Guardian]

Scientists predict promising new family of materials for solid-state cooling
Scientists point to a new family of materials with promising applications in solid-state cooling.
[Science daily]

Spintronics: Spin currents in topological insulators controlled
Scientists have shown how spin-polarized currents can be initiated in a controlled manner within samples of topological insulator material. In addition, they were able to manipulate the orientation of the spins of these currents.
[Science daily]

Scientists reveal secret of antibiotic-resistant bacteria
Researchers have built a computer model of the interaction between different bacteria, and between bacteria and the gut wall. This has led them to explain how antibiotic-resistant microbes develop and spread.
[Science daily]

Scientists teaching machines to make clinical trials more successful
Scientists are teaching computers to figure out why people accept or decline invitations to participate in clinical trials. Recruiting sufficient numbers of participants is a current challenge in medical research that can compromise results or stop some studies altogether. Researchers are using (...)
[Science daily]

Thinking outside the sample
Scientists are helping computers learn to tackle big-data problems outside their comfort zones. The framework can be used for numerous applications, they say, including image segmentation, motion segmentation, data clustering, hybrid system identification and image (...)
[Science daily]

Measuring happiness on social media
Happiness. It's something we all strive for, but how do we measure it--as a country? A global community? Computer scientists used two years of Twitter data to measure users' life satisfaction, a component of happiness.
[Science daily]

The light stuff: A brand-new way to produce electron spin currents
Scientists have demonstrated using non-polarized light to produce in a metal what's called a spin voltage -- a unit of power produced from the quantum spinning of an individual electron.
[Science daily]

Trust in the cloud could be pinned to online scoring system
An easy-to-use online tool to help build people's trust in the cloud has been developed by computer scientists. Cloud computing is widely recognized as a highly useful technology, with multiple benefits such as huge data storage capabilities, computational power, lower costs for companies (...)
[Science daily]

Brain processes which lead to the concept of 'zero' on the number line
Neuroscientists discover brain processes which lead to the concept of “zero” on the number line.
[Science daily]

Computers play a crucial role in preserving the Earth
Computer scientists, programmers, theorists, applied mathematicians, economists, biologists and environmental scientists have helped create a new field, computational sustainability, addressing challenges that computer scientists have not traditionally handled. Together, they have tackled a (...)
[Science daily]

Victorian Age technology can improve virtual reality, study finds
'Monovision' -- a simple technique borrowed from ophthalmology that dates to the monocle of the Victorian Age -- can improve user performance in virtual reality environments, scientists report.
[Science daily]

New technique to probe 'noise' in quantum computing
Quantum computing may revolutionize information processing by providing a means to solve problems too complex for traditional computers, with applications in code breaking, materials science and physics, but figuring out how to engineer such a machine remains elusive. Now researchers have (...)
[Science daily]

Predicting cell behaviour with a mathematical model
Physicists have developed new software for the life sciences. The software supports the evaluation of microscope-based observations of cell behaviour on micropatterned substrates.
[Science daily]

New nanodevice shifts light's color at single-photon level
Converting a single photon from one color, or frequency, to another is an essential tool in quantum communication. Scientists have now developed a miniaturized version of a frequency converter, using technology similar to that used to make computer (...)
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