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Astronauts to test free-flying 'housekeeper' robots
Inspired by science fiction, three bowling ball-size free-flying Synchronized Position Hold, Engage, Reorient, Experimental Satellites (SPHERES) have been flying inside the International Space Station since 2006. These satellites provide a test bed for development and research, each having its (...)
[Science daily]

Math can make the Internet 5-10 times faster
Mathematical equations can make Internet communication via computer, mobile phone or satellite many times faster and more secure than today. A new study uses a four minute long mobile video as an example. The method used by the Danish and US researchers in the study resulted in the video being (...)
[Science daily]

NFL Sunday Ticket coming to smartphones
DirecTV is offering NFL fans the chance to stream every out-of-market game of the upcoming regular season on a computer, smartphone or tablet, even if they don't have a satellite TV account.
[CNN Money]

Satellites reveal possible catastrophic flooding months in advance
Data from NASA satellites can greatly improve predictions of how likely a river basin is to overflow months before it does, according to new findings. The use of such data, which capture a much fuller picture of how water is accumulating, could result in earlier flood warnings, potentially (...)
[Science daily]

Agilent Technologies Announces Industry's First DOCSIS 3.1 Waveform Creation Capability and Software Enhancements
Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today announced the M9099 Waveform Creator 2.0 , providing new capabilities for engineers working on the development of radars, satellite communications, military radios and the next generation of DOCSIS 3.1 cable modems. Release 2.0 of Agilent's Waveform (...)
[WebWire Computer software]

Amazon water comprehensively mapped from space
Groundwater represents more than 96% of the fresh water on Earth. But these reservoirs under our feet remain very difficult to study. For humid regions such as the Amazon, researchers have refined a new method for measuring phreatic levels by satellite. Thus, they have created the first maps of (...)
[Science daily]

Sharper satellite images now allowed
Sites like Google and Bing Maps will now be able to use higher-quality satellite images, thanks to US restrictions being lifted.

Google in talks to buy stake in Virgin space tourism business
Virgin Galactic holding would give company access to satellite launch technology in deal worth £17.8m Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Google buys satellite start-up Skybox Imaging
Google is paying $500 million for Skybox Imaging, a start-up that provides real-time, high-resolution satellite imagery.
[CNN Money]

Google pays $500 million to buy satellite maker Skybox Imaging
Google stands to gather massive amounts of geographic data for information as wildly diverse as the health of farm fields and congestion of parking lots, by purchasing the super-smart satellite imaging and analytics company Skybox (...)

Chinese military group linked to hacks of US and European satellite companies
A US security company claims that a hacker group based in Peoples Liberation Army offices was responsible for the attacks Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Fast in-flight Wi-Fi coming to Europe
London-based satellite services operator Inmarsat says it has plans for a 4G in-flight broadband service that will provide fliers across Europe with fast internet connections.
[CNN Money]

Inmarsat plans new plane wi-fi service
UK satellite telecommunications company Inmarsat announces a nine-figure investment to boost wi-fi connections for airline passengers across the EU.
[BBC News]

Lockheed wins space radar contract
Lockheed Martin wins a contract worth $915m to supply the Pentagon with a radar to track satellites and other objects in space.

Google to invest in satellite fleet to connect remote world
After experimenting with high altitude balloons, Google is now also looking use a fleet of low-earth-orbit satellites to bring Internet access to remote regions of the world.
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