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Will the next iPhone charge wirelessly?
The days of plugging in an iPhone to charge won't last forever.
[CNN Money]

Alleged hacker held in Prague at center of 'intense' US-Russia tug of war
Yevgeniy Nikulin faces extradition requests from both countries amid lingering disquiet over Moscow’s alleged interference in the US presidential election An alleged computer hacker being held in the Czech Republic is at the centre of an international legal tussle between the United States and (...)
[The Guardian]

Bipartisan bill aims to reform H-1B visa system
Senators Chuck Grassley and Dick Durbin plan to reintroduce their bill for revamping the popular H-1B visa program.
[CNN Money]

Rux: a hobbyist microkernel written in Rust
Rux's goal is to become a safe general-purpose microkernel. It tries to take advantage of Rust's memory model - ownership and lifetime. While the kernel will be small, unsafe code should be kept minimal. This makes updating functionalities of the kernel hassle-free. Rux uses a design that is (...)

Airline passenger details easy prey for hackers, say researchers
Worldwide system used to coordinate travel bookings between airlines is insecure and easy to exploit, experts reveal The worldwide system used to coordinate travel bookings between airlines, travel agents, and price comparison websites is hopelessly insecure, according to researchers. The lack (...)
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