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US drone rules hamper firms hoping machines can take over dangerous jobs
Industries like mining and drilling would prefer to send vehicles, not people, to do the riskiest work, and the FAA faces its own hurdles in changing the law If one of your duties is dangling from a rope while you try to check for corrosion and metal fatigue, a flying robot may be here to help (...)
[The Guardian]

Five things we love: from a robotic toy to a laser shaver
We share some of the newest, most fun and helpful tech ideas A robotic toy comprised of electronic cubes, Robo hopes to be the Lego of the digital age, allowing children or rookie coders to build functioning, programmable robots with interchangeable parts commanded by a Robo app. With the Robo (...)
[The Guardian]

Can robots truly be creative and use their imagination?
Two scientists and two artists give the answers you might not expect DAVID COPE Composer, author and professor emeritus of music at the University of California, Santa Cruz Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Fraudulent views of videos impact advertising industry and society widely
Researchers have reached striking results in their recently published paper Understanding the detection of fake view fraud in Video Content Portals. For the first time, it has been demonstrated that video portals are very vulnerable to fraud by fake views from robots (...)
[Science daily]

Driverless robot taxis to be tested in Japanese town
About 50 residents of Fujisawa will be ferried around in driverless cars which, if successful, could be used to transport spectators for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Dozens of people in Japan will be whisked to the local shops in driverless taxis from next year in an experiment with robot technology (...)
[The Guardian]

From nuclear research to surgery technology
A JRC invention initially stemming from its research in the nuclear sector will soon be used by hospitals for minimally-invasive robotic surgery. TELELAP ALF-X is an advanced multi-port robotic system that will empower surgeons with new technologies such as eye-tracking and haptics, allowing (...)
[Science daily]

Mobile robots could help the elderly live fuller lives, experts say
Mobile service robots developed by computer scientists could soon be helping elderly people stay independent and active for longer. The project, which includes artificial intelligence and robotics experts, will include a large-scale evaluation where robots will be deployed within the extra-care (...)
[Science daily]

A light touch: Embedded optical sensors could make robotic hands more dexterous
Optical sensors may be uniquely suited for use in robotic hands, according to researchers who have developed a three-fingered soft robotic hand with multiple embedded fiber optic sensors. They also have created a new type of stretchable optical (...)
[Science daily]

Robots: Our new underwater 'astronauts'
Soon it may be easier to design, plan and carry out infrastructure operations in deep water.
[Science daily]

One-armed factory robot goes on sale
The firm that created factory robot Baxter brings out a one-armed version named Sawyer, designed for precision work.
[BBC News]

Babies time their smiles to make their moms smile in return
Why do babies smile when they interact with their parents? Could their smiles have a purpose? A team of computer scientists, roboticists and developmental psychologists confirm what most parents already suspect: when babies smile, they do so with a purpose -- to make the person they interact (...)
[Science daily]

Highly flexible and wearable tactile sensor for robotics, electronics and healthcare applications
Scientists have developed a wearable liquid-based microfluidic tactile sensor that is small, thin, highly flexible and durable. Simple and cost-effective to produce, this novel device is very suitable for applications such as soft robotics, wearable consumer electronics, smart medical (...)
[Science daily]

New smart robot accelerates cancer treatment research
A new smart research robot accelerates research on cancer treatments by finding optimal treatment combinations, experts report. For patients with the same cancer type returning multiple times, sometimes the cancer cells develop resistance against the pharmacotherapy used. The new robot systems (...)
[Science daily]

Mind your manners, robot: How social cues influence human-robot interaction
New research examines the importance of social cues when evaluating the role of trust in human-robot interaction.
[Science daily]

New Roomba finally has an app
A new version of iRobot's vacuuming robot, the Roomba 980, has more power and its first smartphone app.
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