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Legged robots need more testing before real-world use
When it comes to the 'evolution' of mobile robots, it may be a long time before legged robots are able to safely interact in the real world, according to a new study.
[Science daily]

A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light
The loss of pollinators, such as bees, is a huge challenge for global biodiversity and affects humanity by causing problems in food production. Researchers have now developed the first passively flying robot equipped with artificial muscle. Could this artificial fairy be utilized in (...)
[Science daily]

Person-shaped robot can liquify and escape jail, all with the power of magnets
Inspired by sea cucumbers, engineers have designed miniature robots that rapidly and reversibly shift between liquid and solid states. On top of being able to shape-shift, the robots are magnetic and can conduct electricity. The researchers put the robots through an obstacle course of mobility (...)
[Science daily]

Fish sensory organ key to improving navigational skills of underwater robots
Scientists have been studying a fish sensory organ to understand cues for collective behavior which could be employed on underwater robots.
[Science daily]

Click beetle-inspired robots jump using elastic energy
Researchers have made a significant leap forward in developing insect-sized jumping robots capable of performing tasks in the small spaces often found in mechanical, agricultural and search-and-rescue settings. A new study demonstrates a series of click beetle-sized robots small enough to fit (...)
[Science daily]

New soft robots poised to be more agile, controlled
One of the virtues of untethered soft robots is their ability to mechanically adapt to their surroundings and tasks. Now they are poised to become even more agile and controlled.
[Science daily]

Microelectronics give researchers a remote control for biological robots
First, they walked. Then, they saw the light. Now, miniature biological robots have gained a new trick: remote control. The hybrid 'eBiobots' are the first to combine soft materials, living muscle and microelectronics, said (...)
[Science daily]

A precision arm for miniature robots
Until now, microscopic robotic systems have had to make do without arms. Now researchers have developed an ultrasonically actuated glass needle that can be attached to a robotic arm. This lets them pump and mix minuscule amounts of liquid and trap (...)
[Science daily]

Feathered robotic wing paves way for flapping drones
Birds fly more efficiently by folding their wings during the upstroke, according to a recent study. The results could mean that wing-folding is the next step in increasing the propulsive and aerodynamic efficiency of flapping (...)
[Science daily]

Novel design helps develop powerful microbatteries
Translating electrochemical performance of large format batteries to microscale power sources has been a long-standing technological challenge, limiting the ability of batteries to power microdevices, microrobots and implantable medical devices. Researchers have created a high-voltage (...)
[Science daily]

Hyundai Motor Wins GOOD DESIGN Awards for SEVEN and Trailer Drone Concepts, PnD and MobED Robotics
Hyundai Motor Company today announced that its SEVEN and Trailer Drone concepts have earned 2022 GOOD DESIGN Awards in the transportation category while Plug & Drive (PnD) Mobility, PnD L7 and Mobile Eccentric Droid (MobED) have each earned awards in the robotics category.� - � - “Hyundai (...)
[WebWire Computer software]

NICE Delivers New RPA Innovations leveraging AI To Achieve Complete Performance and Master CXi
NICE (Nasdaq: NICE) today announced new RPA (Robotic Process Automation) capabilities in its latest release, using AI to identify focused opportunities for automation. With NEVA Discover's new process analytics solution and semi-supervised machine learning, organizations can optimize their (...)
[WebWire Computer networks]

Words prove their worth as teaching tools for robots
What is the best way to teach a robot? Sometimes it may simply be to speak to it clearly. Researchers found that human-language descriptions of tools can accelerate the learning of a simulated robotic arm lifting and using a variety of (...)
[Science daily]

The physical intelligence of ant and robot collectives
Researchers took inspiration from ants to design a team of relatively simple robots that can work collectively to perform complex tasks using only a few basic parameters.
[Science daily]

Should we tax robots?
A small tax on robots, as well as on trade generally, will help reduce income inequality in the U.S., according to economists.
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