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How robots learn to hike
Researchers have developed a new control approach that enables a legged robot, called ANYmal, to move quickly and robustly over difficult terrain. Thanks to machine learning, the robot can combine its visual perception of the environment with its sense of touch for the first (...)
[Science daily]

Bone growth inspired 'microrobots' that can create their own bone
Inspired by the growth of bones in the skeleton, researchers have developed a combination of materials that can morph into various shapes before hardening. The material is initially soft, but later hardens through a bone development process that uses the same materials found in the (...)
[Science daily]

Machine learning for morphable materials
Flat materials that can morph into three-dimensional shapes have potential applications in architecture, medicine, robotics, space travel, and much more. But programming these shape changes requires complex and time-consuming computations. Now, researchers have developed a platform that uses (...)
[Science daily]

Hyundai Motor Unveils Innovative Plug & Drive Robotic Module to Enable Unlimited Mobility of Things at CES 2022
* New Mobility of Things (MoT) concept to enable the movement of traditionally inanimate objects through the company's robotics technology - * PnD module to provide mobility to everything from small objects to community spaces with infinite flexibility and scalability - * DnL module with an (...)
[WebWire Computer hardware]

The robot chefs that can cook your Christmas dinner
If you fancy not having to do the cooking on 25 December then a robotic chef might be the solution.

The robot chefs that can cook your Christmas dinner
If you fancy not having to do the cooking on 25 December then a robotic chef might be the solution.
[BBC News]

Mind-controlled robots now one step closer
Researchers teamed up to develop a machine-learning program that can be connected to a human brain and used to command a robot. The program adjusts the robot's movements based on electrical signals from the brain. The hope is that with this invention, tetraplegic patients will be able to (...)
[Science daily]

Giving bug-like bots a boost
Researchers have pioneered a new fabrication technique that enables them to produce low-voltage, power-dense, high endurance soft actuators for an aerial microrobot. These artificial muscles vastly improve the robot's payload and allow it to achieve best-in-class hovering (...)
[Science daily]

Robots use fear to fight invasive fish
The invasive mosquitofish (Gambusia holbrooki) chews off the tails of freshwater fishes and tadpoles, leaving the native animals to perish while dining on other fishes' and amphibians' eggs. Researchers engineered a robot to scare mosquitofish away, revealing how fear alters its (...)
[Science daily]

A robotic hand with a gecko-inspired grip
Aiming to create a robotic gripper that can grasp with delicate strength, researchers combine adhesives based on gecko toes with a customized robotic hand.
[Science daily]

Creating the human-robotic dream team
Using autonomous vehicle guidelines, a team has developed a system to improve interactions between people and robots. The way people interact safely with robots is at the forefront of today's research related to automation and manufacturing, explains a researcher. She is one of several (...)
[Science daily]

Technique speeds up thermal actuation for soft robotics
Researchers have come up with a new design for thermal actuators, which can be used to create rapid movement in soft robotic devices.
[Science daily]

How organic neuromorphic electronics can think and act
The human brain works differently from a computer - while the brain works with biological cells and electrical impulses, a computer uses silicon-based transistors. Scientists have equipped a toy robot with a smart and adaptive electrical circuit made of soft organic materials, similarly to the (...)
[Science daily]

'Human-like' brain helps robot out of a maze
A maze is a popular device among psychologists to assess the learning capacity of mice or rats. But how about robots? Can they learn to successfully navigate the twists and turns of a labyrinth? Now, researchers have demonstrated they can. Their robot bases its decisions on the very system (...)
[Science daily]

Four-wheeled robot walks upright and other tech news
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