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Object recognition for robots
A team of researchers specializes in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, the technique whereby mobile autonomous robots map their environments and determine their locations. Now these researchers have demonstrated how SLAM can be used to improve object-recognition systems, which (...)
[Science daily]

Robotic surgery linked to 144 deaths
A study says that surgical robots were involved in operations that resulted in at least 144 deaths over a 14-year period in the US.
[BBC News]

Model for robots with bacteria-controlled brains
A scientist used a mathematical model to demonstrate that bacteria can control the behavior of an inanimate device like a robot.
[Science daily]

Robotics and the law: When software can harm you
Twenty years in, the law is finally starting to get used to the Internet. Now it is imperative that the law figure out how to deal effectively with the rise of robotics and artificial intelligence, an expert says.
[Science daily]

A jump for soft–bodied robots
Traditional robots are made of components and rigid materials like you might see on an automotive assembly line – metal and hydraulic parts, harshly rigid, and extremely strong. But away from the assembly line, for robots to harmoniously assist humans in close–range tasks scientists are designing (...)
[WebWire Consumer electronics]

New era in robotics: 3-D-printed robot is hard at heart, soft on the outside
Engineers have created the first robot with a 3-D-printed body that transitions from a rigid core to a soft exterior. The idea of blending soft and hard materials into the robot's body came from nature.The rigid layers make for a better interface with the device's electronic brains and power (...)
[Science daily]

Why the seahorse's tail is square
Why is the seahorse's tail square? An international team of researchers has found the answer and it could lead to building better robots and medical devices. In a nutshell, a tail made of square, overlapping segments makes for better armor than a cylindrical tail. It's also better at gripping (...)
[Science daily]

Robots on the march
A range of robots are on display at the Innorobo event in France, including the most advanced domestic robot to go on sale to the public.
[BBC News]

'Tele-rounding': Robots in the neonatal intensive care unit
A team of neonatologists investigated the use of robot-assisted telemedicine in performing bedside rounds and directing daily care for infants with mild-to-moderate disease.
[Science daily]

Breakthrough graphene production could trigger revolution in artificial skin development
A pioneering new technique to produce high-quality, low cost graphene could pave the way for the development of the first truly flexible 'electronic skin,' that could be used in robots.
[Science daily]

Micro-tentacles created so tiny robots can handle delicate objects
Robotics experts have developed microrobotic tentacles that can be the hands and fingers of small robots designed to safely handle delicate objects.
[Science daily]

The innovators: the customised robotic hand you can print out at home
Joel Gibbard has developed a method of producing bespoke bionic prostheses for a fraction of the price of similar devices on the market by using a 3D printer As a teenage hobbyist building robots at home in Bristol, Joel Gibbard had a leftfield thought when pondering his next project. How would (...)
[The Guardian]

Robots, dogs and the apocalypse: seven game design trends from E3 2015
Every year the E3 event in LA tells us what the industry is thinking about – and this year it’s female characters, virtual reality and post-nuclear droid pets If you want to know what’s going on in the collective consciousness of the global games industry, just hang out at E3 for a day. This (...)
[The Guardian]

Carrying a table together with a semi-cooperative robot
From a robot's perspective, humans might be considered a nuisance: when robots and humans have to work together, it often leads to problems. Researchers want to teach robots how to interact with humans and work together to accomplish tasks. CogIMon stands for "cognitive compliant interaction in (...)
[Science daily]

Agreement Reached for Alibaba and Foxconn to Invest in SoftBank's Robotics Business
SoftBank Corp. (“SoftBank”), Alibaba Group Holding Limited (“Alibaba”) and Foxconn Technology Group (“Foxconn”) today announced an agreement under which Alibaba and Foxconn will each invest JPY 14.5 billion in SoftBank Robotics Holdings Corp. (“SBRH”), the SoftBank Group's intermediate holding (...)
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