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Power outage? Robots to the rescue
Big disasters almost always result in big power failures. Not only do they take down the TV and fridge, they also wreak havoc with key infrastructure like cell towers. That can delay search and rescue operations at a time when minutes count. Engineers have now developed a tabletop model of (...)
[Science daily]

New RFID technology helps robots find household objects
Researchers have created a new search algorithm that improves a robot's ability to find and navigate to tagged objects. The team has implemented their system on a PR2 robot, allowing it to travel through a home and correctly locate different types of tagged household objects, including a (...)
[Science daily]

Soft robotics 'toolkit' features everything a robot-maker needs
A new resource provides both experienced and aspiring researchers with the intellectual raw materials needed to design, build, and operate robots made from soft, flexible materials. With the advent of low-cost 3-D printing, laser cutters, and other advances in manufacturing technology, soft (...)
[Science daily]

Using underwater robots for a better understanding of the underwater world
It is where we all came from and it is vital to our future, but Earth’s oceans, seas and waterways remain a mystery to us – a final frontier. A new project is at the forefront of a revolution in communications, creating an underwater ‘internet of things’, that will mobilize robots to work in (...)
[Science daily]

'Honeybee' robots replicate swarm behavior
Computer scientists have created a low-cost, autonomous micro-robot which in large numbers can replicate the behavior of swarming honeybees.
[Science daily]

Flying robots will go where humans can't
There are many situations where it’s impossible, complicated or too time-consuming for humans to enter and carry out operations. Think of contaminated areas following a nuclear accident, or the need to erect structures such as antennae on mountain tops. These are examples of where flying robots (...)
[Science daily]

US needs a Federal Robotics Commission, says think tank
The US needs a federal agency to deal with the regulation and ethical challenges of robots and artificial intelligence, says influential think tank Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

'Boris 2: the robot that takes the drudgery out of loading the dishwasher video
The University of Birmingham's 'Boris 2' is a robot with giant blue arms and huge grasping hands. Boris 2 is one of the first robots capable of intelligently manipulating unfamiliar objects with a human like grasp. It represents a third generation of robots. The second generation includes (...)
[The Guardian]

Cutting the cord on soft robots: Machine walks through snow, flames and can be run over by cars
Engineers have developed the world's first untethered soft robot -- and demonstrated that the quadruped, which can literally stand up and walk away from its designers, can walk through snow, fire and even be run over by a car. The hope is that such robots might one day serve as a search and (...)
[Science daily]

Carnegie Mellon's Smart Headlights Spare the Eyes of Oncoming Drivers
A smart headlight developed at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute enables drivers to take full advantage of their high beams without fear of blinding oncoming drivers or suffering from the glare that can occur when driving in snow or rain at night. - - The programmable (...)
[WebWire Electronic components]

Socially-assistive robots help kids with autism learn by providing personalized prompts
Children with autism spectrum disorders showed improved or maintained performance in learning imitative behavior by interacting with humanoid robots that provided graded cueing, an occupational therapy technique that shapes behavior by providing increasingly specific cues to help a person learn (...)
[Science daily]

'Robo Brain' will teach robots everything from the Internet
Robo Brain -- a large-scale computational system that learns from publicly available Internet resources -- is currently downloading and processing about 1 billion images, 120,000 YouTube videos, and 100 million how-to documents and appliance manuals. The information is being translated and (...)
[Science daily]

Delivery by drone: New algorithm lets drones monitor their own health during long package-delivery missions
In the near future, the package that you ordered online may be deposited at your doorstep by a drone: Last December, online retailer Amazon announced plans to explore drone-based delivery, suggesting that fleets of flying robots might serve as autonomous messengers that shuttle packages to (...)
[Science daily]

Show us your robot designs
With commercial robots looking like becoming an important part of our future, we would like to see your very own robot designs and artwork Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Wireless sensors and flying robots: A way to monitor deteriorating bridges
As a report from the Obama administration warns that one in four bridges in the United States needs significant repair or cannot handle automobile traffic, engineers are employing wireless sensors and flying robots that could have the potential to help authorities monitor the condition of (...)
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