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Samsung S5 fingerprint flaw exposed
Attackers can take copies of fingerprints used to unlock the Samsung S5 phone, claim security researchers.
[BBC News]

Better social media techniques increase fan interest, engagement
Researchers found that the more MLB teams released original content from their Twitter accounts, such as score updates or player profiles, the more followers they gained and engagement they initiated. The researchers say their findings could provide guidance for many businesses struggling with (...)
[Science daily]

Computer-assisted diagnosis tool helps physicians assess skin conditions without aid from dermatologists
In the first major study to examine the use of a computer-assisted, photo-driven differential diagnosis generator for skin conditions, researchers found physicians routinely used the tool, without an increase in calling for inpatient dermatology (...)
[Science daily]

Materials scientists putting new spin on computing memory
As computers continue to shrink -- moving from desks and laps to hands and wrists -- memory has to become smaller, stable and more energy conscious. A group of researchers is trying to do just that with help from a new class of materials, whose magnetism can essentially be controlled by the (...)
[Science daily]

Backache: A matter of mechanics
The mechanics of the lower vertebrae have been the focus of recent study. Researchers are aiming to reveal how wear and tear comes about on vertebral bodies and spinal disks, hoping to make easier the choice of appropriate therapy.
[Science daily]

Brain activity tested to identify cybersecurity threats
In a first-of-its-kind study, researchers tested brain activity to better understand employees who pose a risk to cybersecurity.
[Science daily]

Invasion of the earthworms, mapped and analyzed
In their efforts to forecast the spread of an invasive worm species, researchers are bringing a new weapon to bear: statistical analysis.
[Science daily]

Using smartphones to avoid spatial disorientation of elderly
Researchers are using new network operator technologies to locate and send alerts when an old person with mild cognitive impairment (MCI) suffers from episodes of spatial disorientation. Up to the 60% of cases of MCI can cause episodes of spatial disorientation that appear even in zones where (...)
[Science daily]

Tax-efficient mutual fund managers savvier than their peers, study shows
Tax-efficient mutual funds perform better before and after taxes, according to new research.
[Science daily]

Certain interactive tools click with web users
Before web developers add the newest bells and the latest whistles to their website designs, a team of researchers suggests they zoom in on the tools that click with the right users and for the right tasks.
[Science daily]

Printing silicon on paper, with lasers
In seeking to develop the next generation of micro-electronic transistors, researchers have long sought to find the next best thing to replace silicon. To this end, a wealth of recent research into fully flexible electronic circuitry has focused on various organic and metal-oxide ink materials, (...)
[Science daily]

Advancing development of Ebola vaccine trials
As the current Ebola outbreak wanes, scientists have to make the most of every opportunity to prepare for future outbreaks. One such opportunity involves the identification of a safe and effective Ebola vaccine. Texas supercomputers have aided researchers in modelling which types of clinical (...)
[Science daily]

Why some neurons 'outsource' their cell body
Nerve cells come in very different shapes. Researchers now reveal why, in insects, the cell body is usually located at the end of a separate extension. Using mathematical models, they show that this increases the strength of electrical signal transmission at no additional energetic (...)
[Science daily]

Making biotechnology interactive with games, remote-control labs
What if you could interact with cells like fish in an aquarium? Build your own micro-aquarium for cells? Even perform remote-control experiments in robotic biolabs in the cloud? A research team shows how.
[Science daily]

Innovation boosts Wi-Fi bandwidth tenfold
Researchers have invented a new technology that can increase the bandwidth of Wi-Fi systems by 10 times, using LED lights to transmit information. It could be integrated with existing Wi-Fi systems to reduce bandwidth problems in crowded locations, such as airport terminals or coffee shops, and (...)
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