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Theater arts research offers insight for designers, builders of social robots
Researchers have provided insight into human behavior for scientists, engineers who design and build social robots.
[Science daily]

Don't get hacked! Research shows how much we ignore online warnings
New research finds that people say they care about online security but behave like they don't -- such as ignoring security warnings. To better understand how people deal with security messages, researchers simulated hacking into study subjects laptops. The responses were (...)
[Science daily]

Tomorrow's degradable electronics
Researchers are developing electronics that disappear to order. When the FM frequencies are removed in Norway in 2017, all old-fashioned radios will become obsolete, leaving the biggest collection of redundant electronics ever seen – a mountain of waste weighing something between 25,000 and (...)
[Science daily]

New computer model predicts gut metabolites to better understand gastrointestinal disease
The first research to use computational modeling to predict and identify the metabolic products of gastrointestinal (GI) tract microorganisms has been published by researchers. Understanding these metabolic products, or metabolites, could influence how clinicians diagnose and treat GI diseases, (...)
[Science daily]

Obesity 'costing same as smoking'
The worldwide cost of obesity is about the same as smoking or armed conflict and greater than both alcoholism and climate change, research suggests.
[BBC News UK]

VIDEO: Obesity costs UK £47bn a year
New research suggests that obesity is a greater burden on the UK's economy than armed violence, war and terrorism.
[BBC News UK]

Social sensing game detects classroom bullies
Researchers have developed a computer game that can detect classroom bullies, victims and bystanders. The game's behavior analyses effectively identify classroom bullies, even revealing peer aggression that goes undetected by traditional research methods, the researchers (...)
[Science daily]

Testing if a computer has human-level intelligence: Alternative to 'Turing test' proposed
Researchers are offering an alternative to the celebrated “Turing Test” to determine whether a machine or computer program exhibits human-level intelligence.
[Science daily]

Gifted men and women define success differently, 40-year study finds
Researchers spent four decades studying a group of mathematically talented adolescents, finding that by mid-life they were extraordinarily accomplished and enjoyed a high level of life satisfaction. Gender, however, played a significant role in how they pursued—and defined—career, family and (...)
[Science daily]

Gamification for behavior change: What is it and how is it useful?
In a world where the majority of children spend hours a day playing computer or console game, researchers are starting to utilize those habits for the better.  The use of gamification -- using game design elements to teach lessons, engage, and motivate -- is starting to increase in popularity. (...)
[Science daily]

Facebook games may actually do some good in your life
Beyond being a fun distraction, social network games can offer family members a meaningful way to interact and meet social obligations, a new study concludes. Researchers found that some online games offer families a common topic of conversation and enhance the quality of time spent together, (...)
[Science daily]

First image-recognition software that greatly improves web searches
Researchers have created an artificial intelligence software that uses photos to locate documents on the Internet with far greater accuracy than ever before.
[Science daily]

Credit score can also describe health status
A credit score also says something about a person's health status, according to a new analysis from a long-term study of the physical and mental health of more than 1,000 New Zealanders. An international team of researchers has found a strong relationship between low credit scores and poor (...)
[Science daily]

Engineers efficiently 'mix' light at the nanoscale
Researchers have engineered a nanowire system that could pave the way for photonic computing, combining two light waves to produce a third with a different frequency and using an optical cavity to amplify the intensity of the output to a usable (...)
[Science daily]

Partners HealthCare and EMC Unite to Solve Health Care's Toughest Challenges Using Big Data
Story Highlights - - Partners HealthCare and EMC collaborate to develop The Partners Data Lake, an agile data and analytics platform The Partners Data Lake will allow researcher and clinicians to explore and develop insight to improve diagnostics, treatment and the lives of patients The (...)
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