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Good old days
A survey by Pew Research found that supporters of Trump and Clinton have very different opinions about America's past.
[BBC News Americas]

The first autonomous, entirely soft robot
A team of researchers with expertise in 3-D printing, mechanical engineering, and microfluidics has demonstrated the first autonomous, untethered, entirely soft robot. This small, 3-D-printed robot -- nicknamed the octobot -- could pave the way for a new generation of completely soft, (...)
[Science daily]

Analog DNA circuit does math in a test tube
Researchers have created strands of synthetic DNA that, when mixed together in a test tube in the right concentrations, form an analog circuit that can add, subtract and multiply as the molecules form and break bonds. While most DNA circuits are digital, their device performs calculations in an (...)
[Science daily]

Reproducing spots and stripes of a furry animal: Understanding nature's patterns with plasmas
Patterns abound in nature, from zebra stripes and leopard spots to honeycombs and bands of clouds. Somehow, these patterns form and organize all by themselves. To better understand how, researchers have now created a new device that may allow scientists to study patterns in 3-D like never (...)
[Science daily]

New approach to determining how atoms are arranged in materials
Researchers have developed a novel approach to characterizing how atoms are arranged in materials, using Bayesian statistical methods to glean new insights into the structure of materials. The work should inform the development of new materials for use in a variety of (...)
[Science daily]

The dangers of travelling with your spouse - holiday season peak time for divorce
To everything there is a season — even divorce, according to new research.Sociologists from the University of Washington claim they have found the first quantitative evidence of a seasonal pattern of divorce.After analysing...
[ - travel]

New theory could lead to new generation of energy friendly optoelectronics
Researchers have created a new theoretical framework which could help physicists and device engineers design better optoelectronics, leading to less heat generation and power consumption in electronic devices which source, detect, and control (...)
[Science daily]

Cybersecurity student researches how to keep cars safe from hacking
Cybersecurity student researches spent the summer researching how to keep cars safe from cyberattacks during an intensive eight-week cybersecurity summer research program.
[Science daily]

Natural scale caterpillar soft robot is powered and controlled with light
Researchers, using the liquid crystal elastomer technology have demonstrated a bioinspired micro-robot capable of mimicking caterpillar gaits in natural scale. The 15-millimeter long soft robot harvests energy from green light and is controlled by spatially modulated laser beam. Apart from (...)
[Science daily]

IBM wants to stop E. coli before people die
IBM's research group is working on a system that quickly identify what foods are causing illnesses in days.
[CNN Money]

Extension theory of operators in Krein, Pontryagin spaces, applications
A new study investigates and generalizes several well-known results from Extension theory of operators. In a new doctoral dissertation, a researcher has been able to improve a couple of classical theorems known in the area, namely Shmul'yan theorem on completion of nonnegative block (...)
[Science daily]

Personalized wearable tech can help adults diagnosed with autism manage anxiety
Personalized wearable digital technology can help adults diagnosed with autism understand and manage their anxiety, say researchers.
[Science daily]

Twitter shows promise in rapid assessment of collective traumas' local impact
An alternative to using Twitter geotags and hashtags to identify community members who have experienced collective trauma, such as a school shooting, shows promise in helping researchers rapidly assess local effects. The approach was deployed to study the impact of deadly gun violence at UC (...)
[Science daily]

Many underestimate financial loss due to poor arithmetic
Anyone who has lost out on an investment in recent weeks -- from pension funds and stocks to the housing rental market and currency exchange -- may have lost more than they realize, according to new research.
[Science daily]

Combating traffic congestion with advanced data analytics
Researchers are investigating how cell phone data could benefit traffic planning by carrying out a study to determine whether data from cell phone networks could offer a reliable source of information for traffic planning and an improvement over current data collection (...)
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