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Among mobile app developers, the middle class has disappeared
survey from market research firm VisionMobile, there are 2.9 million app developers in the world who have built about two million apps. Most of those app developers are making next to nothing in revenue while the very top of the market make nearly all the profits. Essentially, the app economy (...)

Collecting just the right data: Algorithm helps identify which data to target
Much artificial-intelligence research addresses the problem of making predictions based on large data sets. An obvious example is the recommendation engines at retail sites like Amazon and Netflix. But some types of data are harder to collect -- information about geological formations thousands (...)
[Science daily]

Wildlife loss link to child slavery
New research suggests that the global reduction in wildlife is connected to an increase in human trafficking and child slavery.
[BBC News Africa]

New characteristics of complex oxide surfaces revealed
A combination of microscopy and data processing has given researchers an unprecedented look at the surface of a material known for its unusual physical and electrochemical properties.
[Science daily]

Role of media in sharing life events
To share is human. And the means to share personal news — good and bad — have exploded over the last decade, particularly social media and texting. But until now, all research about what is known as “social sharing,” or the act of telling others about the important events in our lives, has been (...)
[Science daily]

Cultural stereotypes may evolve from sharing social information
Cultural stereotypes may be an unintended but inevitable consequence of sharing social information, according to research. Information about people that is initially complex and difficult to remember evolves into a simple system of category stereotypes that can be learned easily as it is shared (...)
[Science daily]

Is your data safe? Why you should care more about spam
Researchers are working to protect consumer data by using companies spam volume to evaluate its security vulnerability through the project.
[Science daily]

The birth of topological spintronics: New material combo could lead to more efficient computers
The discovery of a new material combination that could lead to a more efficient approach to computer memory and logic is the first promising indication that it may be possible to build a practical technology with a novel material known as a 'topological insulator.' The research team's results (...)
[Science daily]

New model helps explain how provisions promote or reduce wildlife disease
Scientists have long known that providing supplemental food for wildlife, or resource provisioning, can sometimes cause more harm than good. Ecologists have now developed a new mathematical model to tease apart the processes that help explain why. Their research has implications for public (...)
[Science daily]

3D images of cardiac dynamics in zebrafish captured
Researchers report how they managed to capture detailed three-dimensional images of cardiac dynamics in zebrafish. The novel approach: They combine high-speed Selective Plane Illumination Microscopy (SPIM) and clever image processing to reconstruct multi-view movie stacks of the beating (...)
[Science daily]

A crystal wedding in the nanocosmos may lead to fast multi-functional processing units on single chip
Researchers have succeeded in embedding nearly perfect semiconductor crystals into a silicon nanowire. With this new method of producing hybrid nanowires, very fast and multi-functional processing units can be accommodated on a single chip in the (...)
[Science daily]

Virtual humans as models: Say goodbye to Naomi, Kate and Claudia ... Enter 'Ava'
Forget top models. With haute couture turning to virtual reality, holographic versions of the world’s most in-demand models are now striding down the catwalks alongside their human counterparts. But does this mean temperamental models are on their way out?  New research has been revealed which (...)
[Science daily]

Linking television and the Internet
In the “LinkedTV“ project, researchers are seamlessly connecting TV offerings with the Internet. Audiences will benefit from an informative and personalized viewing experience.
[Science daily]

Electronic nose could aid in rescue missions
Researchers have developed a device that allows multiple robotic platforms to follow the path of certain odors. A technology which could aid the search and rescue of people in case of natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes or (...)
[Science daily]

Dopamine transporter: Stampede supercomputer used to study common link between addiction, neurological disease
The XSEDE-allocated Stampede supercomputer has been used to study the dopamine transporter. Stampede is ranked seventh on the Top 500 list of supercomputers. Its research links altered dopamine signaling and dopamine transporter function to neurological and psychiatric diseases including (...)
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