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Tracking system 'open to attack'
A widely used location-tracking system can be intercepted or fooled with fake data, claims a security researcher.

Women solicitors paid less than men
A large pay gap between men and women solicitors has been found by research from The Law Society of Scotland.
[BBC News UK]

Hackers tweet photos with hidden code
A hack attack involving instructions hidden in photos, malicious tweets and the coding community Github is discovered by cybersecurity researchers.
[BBC News]

Android bug affects 'billion' phones
A bug in the Android mobile operating system is discovered by researchers, who say it affects nearly a billion devices.
[BBC News]

Researchers predict material with record-setting melting point
Using powerful computer simulations, researchers have identified a material with a higher melting point than any known substance. The computations show that a material made with hafnium, nitrogen, and carbon would have a melting point of more than 4,400 kelvins (7,460 degrees Fahrenheit). (...)
[Science daily]

Data transmission devices: Smaller, faster, cheaper
Transmitting large amounts of data, such as those needed to keep the internet running, requires high-performance modulators that turn electric signals into light signals. Researchers have now developed a modulator that is a hundred times smaller than conventional (...)
[Science daily]

Superfast fluorescence sets new speed record
A plasmonic device that, combined with semiconductor quantum dots, could one day be turned into an ultrafast light-emitting diode for optical computing has been developed by researchers.
[Science daily]

The algorithm of writing
Researchers explores the promise and peril of computer-based writing assessment software.
[Science daily]

Jeep hack prompts 1.4m car recall
Car giant Fiat Chrysler recalls 1.4 million vehicles in the US after security researchers showed that one of its cars could be hacked.

Object recognition for robots
A team of researchers specializes in SLAM, or simultaneous localization and mapping, the technique whereby mobile autonomous robots map their environments and determine their locations. Now these researchers have demonstrated how SLAM can be used to improve object-recognition systems, which (...)
[Science daily]

Innovative algorithm is helping scientists decipher how drugs work inside the body
Researchers have developed a computer algorithm that is helping scientists see how drugs produce pharmacological effects inside the body. The study could help researchers create drugs that are more efficient and less prone to side effects, suggest ways to regulate a drug's activity, and (...)
[Science daily]

Personalized banner ads are a double-edged sword
Trust in a particular vendor affects the degree to which consumers will accept or reject a personalized banner ad, research concludes. The investigators wondered where people would draw the line at having the items they had looked at reflected back at (...)
[Science daily]

New antibody portal bolsters biomedical research reliability
The Histone Antibody Specificity Database is a newly launched online portal that lets scientists find the right antibodies for their research with a much higher degree of confidence than ever before.
[Science daily]

Foil-lined wallet 'cuts fraud risk'
Putting a contactless payment card in a foil-lined wallet should prevent it being "read" by accident or fraud, researchers at Which? suggest.

Faster Tor on the horizon
A high-speed anonymous way to browse the web is developed by security researchers.
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