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Swift network bank thefts 'linked' to Sony Pictures hack
Unique code signatures shared between malware used in multiple bank attacks suggest involvement of hacking group named ‘Lazarus’, Symantec says Security researchers Symantec have found clues in the malware used to hack into international financial messaging network Swift, which suggest a link to (...)
[The Guardian]

Using virtual users to develop accessible ICT-based applications
In a new report, researchers report the development of a set of parametric cognitive virtual models of users with disabilities that can be used to simulate the user interaction with Information and communications technology (ICT) applications. This simulation will allow researchers to develop (...)
[Science daily]

Small talk: Electronic media keeping kids from communicating with parents
It happens in many households. Kids are tapping on their cell phones or are preoccupied by their favorite TV show as their parents ask them a question or want them to do a chore. Unlike previous research that has relied on self-reports by parents tracking their children's media usage, a new (...)
[Science daily]

Half of misogynistic tweets sent by women, study finds
Demos research reveals women and girls as well as men responsible for using misogynistic words in abusive manner online Half the aggressive tweets using the words slut and whore analysed by social thinktank Demos came from women and girls, research indicates. The suggestion that women and girls (...)
[The Guardian]

Party on(line): The link between social media, alcohol use
One of the undeniable powers of social media is its ability to influence people and their behaviors. This is especially true, a study finds, when it comes to alcohol use. Researchers found that when participants in a study were exposed to ads touting beer, as opposed to those selling bottled (...)
[Science daily]

Robots 'being taught to feel pain'
Researchers are developing an artificial nervous system that will allow robots to feel pain.
[BBC News]

Robots 'being taught to feel pain'
Researchers are developing an artificial nervous system that will allow robots to feel pain.

Whither Plan 9? History and motivation
Plan 9 is a research operating system from Bell Labs. For several years it was my primary environment and I still use it regularly. Despite its conceptual and implementation simplicity, I've found that folks often don't immediately understand the system's fundamentals: hence this series of (...)

Research reveals huge scale of social media misogyny
Labour’s Yvette Cooper is at forefront of cross-party campaign aiming to tackle the growing menace of online abuse Labour, Conservative and Liberal Democrat politicians will come together to call for a national campaign to defeat online misogyny as research reveals the scale of abuse aimed at (...)
[The Guardian]

Google is taking its self-driving cars to Detroit
The company is opening a large engineering and research center just outside the city to work on a hybrid minivan.
[CNN Money]

Could optical clocks redefine the length of a second?
GPS-based navigation, communication systems, electrical power grids and financial networks all rely on the precise time kept by a network of around 500 atomic clocks located around the world. Researchers now present a way to use optical clocks for more accurate timekeeping than is possible with (...)
[Science daily]

Study shows which new moms post the most on Facebook
A study shows which psychological characteristics of some new mothers may affect how they use Facebook to show off their baby. The research concluded that those mothers who posted more on Facebook tended to report more depressive symptoms after nine months of parenthood than other (...)
[Science daily]

Internet addiction, school burnout feed into each other
Excessive internet use contributes to the development of school burnout. School burnout, in turn, may lead to excessive internet use or digital addiction. Mind the Gap, a longitudinal research project in Finland, has established a link between digital addiction and school burnout in both (...)
[Science daily]

A rallying call for microbiome science national data management in U.S.
Researchers call for the formation of a National Microbiome Data Center to efficiently manage the datasets accumulated globally. By integrating and harnessing all available microbiome data and metadata, researchers could conduct larger-scale comparative analyses in order to address global (...)
[Science daily]

Computing a secret, unbreakable key
What once took months by some of the world's leading scientists can now be done in seconds by undergraduate students thanks to new software, paving the way for fast, secure quantum communication. Researchers developed the first available software to evaluate the security of any protocol for (...)
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