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Impact of Facebook unfriending analyzed by researchers
Two studies are shedding new light on the most common type of 'friend' to be unfriended on Facebook and their emotional responses to it. The studies show that the most likely person to be unfriended is a high school acquaintance. Both studies were based on a survey of 1,077 people conducted on (...)
[Science daily]

Traditional Malaysian musical instrument modernized: 'Rebana Ubi' computer speaker
Researchers are modernizing the 'Rebana Ubi', a traditional Malaysian musical instrument by infusing it with a modern computer aided technology.
[Science daily]

Speed-reading apps may impair reading comprehension by limiting ability to backtrack
To address the fact that many of us are on the go and pressed for time, app developers have devised speed-reading software that eliminates the time we supposedly waste by moving our eyes as we read. But don't throw away your books, papers, and e-readers just yet -- research suggests that the (...)
[Science daily]

iPad users explore data with their fingers: Kinetica converts tabular data into touch-friendly format
Spreadsheets may have been the original killer app for personal computers, but data tables don't play to the strengths of multi-touch devices such as tablets. So researchers have developed a visualization approach that allows people to explore complex data with their fingers. Called Kinetica, (...)
[Science daily]

Progress made in developing nanoscale electronics: New research directs charges through single molecules
Scientists are facing a number of barriers as they try to develop circuits that are microscopic in size, including how to reliably control the current that flows through a circuit that is the width of a single molecule. Chemical engineers have now figured out how to reliably control the current (...)
[Science daily]

Information sharing between health systems reduces tests, study shows
Researchers analyzed the care of patients who were seen emergently during a six month period in 2012. The results showed that 560 potentially duplicative diagnostic procedures, such as blood work and imaging, were avoided when the providers used the health information exchange tool. The study (...)
[Science daily]

Computational method dramatically speeds up estimates of gene expression
With gene expression analysis growing in importance for both basic researchers and medical practitioners, researchers have developed a new computational method that dramatically speeds up estimates of gene activity from RNA sequencing data. With the new method, dubbed Sailfish after the (...)
[Science daily]

HMRC 'plans to share personal data'
Taxpayers' personal financial data could be shared with private firms and researchers, Revenue & Customs says, despite concerns over privacy and security.
[BBC News UK]

One in three Android apps on non-Google stores are malicious, study finds
Research by Opswat suggests as many as a third of apps on unofficial app stores contain malicious code Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

VIDEO: Vinyl fights back against downloads
New research suggests that physical formats for music, like CDs, cassettes and vinyl are experiencing a revival, particularly among younger buyers, despite digital downloads.
[BBC News UK]

Tracking flu levels with Wikipedia
Can monitoring Wikipedia hits show how many people have the flu? Researchers have developed a method of estimating levels of influenza-like illness in the American population by analyzing Internet traffic on specific flu-related Wikipedia (...)
[Science daily]

Sporting latest tech toy can make you seem more like a leader
If you want to be perceived as a leader, new research suggests investing in the latest technological gadgets is the way to go. "Familiarity with and usage of new high-tech products appears to be a common manifestation of innovative behavior," write the authors. "Those who are tech-savvy are (...)
[Science daily]

Internet use may cut retirees' depression
Spending time online has the potential to ward off depression among retirees, particularly among those who live alone, according to research. Authors report that internet use reduced the probability of a depressed state by 33 percent among their study sample. Late-life depression affects (...)
[Science daily]

Wireless power transfer achieved at 5-meter distance
A great improvement has been demonstrated in the distance that electric power can travel wirelessly. Researchers developed the 'Dipole Coil Resonant System' for an extended range of inductive power transfer, up to 5 meters between transmitter and receiver coils. "Our technology proved the (...)
[Science daily]

Likely author of original Bitcoin paper? Researchers uncover linguistic evidence
The primary author of the celebrated Bitcoin paper is most likely Nick Szabo, a blogger and former George Washington University law professor, according to students and researchers at Aston University‚Äôs Centre for Forensic Linguistics (UK). Their research also challenges the claim that Dorian S. (...)
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