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Brexit: EU funding loss risks Welsh university jobs
Universities Wales calls for UK government action as 1,000 redundancies loom in the research sector.
[BBC News Europe]

Voice-activated system for hands-free, safer DNA handling
Smart voice assistants are a popular way for people to get quick answers or play their favorite music. That same technology could make the laboratory safer for scientists and technicians who handle potentially infectious samples. Researchers now report a small, voice-activated device that can (...)
[Science daily]

To know where the birds are going, researchers turn to citizen science and machine learning
Computer scientists recently announced a new, predictive model that is capable of accurately forecasting where a migratory bird will go next -- one of the most difficult tasks in biology. The model is called BirdFlow, and while it is still being perfected, it should be available to scientists (...)
[Science daily]

Contributing to the utilization of big data! Developing new data learning methods for artificial intelligence
A research group has developed a new learning method for artificial intelligence that combines classification performance for data with multiple labels with the ability to learn continually from data. Numerical experiments on real-world multi-label data indicate that the new method outperforms (...)
[Science daily]

Researchers take a step toward novel quantum simulators
If scaled up successfully, the team's new system could help answer questions about certain kinds of superconductors and other unusual states of matter.
[Science daily]

Magnetic sandwich mediating between two worlds
An international research team has developed a new method for the efficient coupling of terahertz waves with much shorter wavelengths, so-called spin waves. Their experiments, in combination with theoretical models, clarify the fundamental mechanisms of this process previously thought (...)
[Science daily]

Autonomous steering system keeps human drivers engaged
Researchers have developed an automated driving system based on the concept of 'collaborative steering', which aims to increase transportation safety, efficiency, and comfort by encouraging active interaction between autonomous vehicles and their human (...)
[Science daily]

Another whale mysteriously washes ashore on US East Coast
An increase in beached whales across the US coastline has baffled researchers and environmentalists.
[BBC News Americas]

New method to control electron spin paves the way for efficient quantum computers
Researchers have developed a new method for manipulating information in quantum systems by controlling the spin of electrons in silicon quantum dots. The results provide a promising new mechanism for control of qubits, which could pave the way for the development of a practical, silicon-based (...)
[Science daily]

Will machine learning help us find extraterrestrial life?
Researchers have applied a deep learning technique to a previously studied dataset of nearby stars and uncovered eight previously unidentified signals of interest.
[Science daily]

Under pressure: Breakthrough new material solves problem of wearable sensors
Researchers have synthesized a new material that solves one of the most difficult problems in the quest to create wearable, unobtrusive sensitive sensors: the problem of pressure.
[Science daily]

Powering wearable technology with MXene textile supercapacitor 'patch'
Researchers are one step closer to making wearable textile technology a reality. Materials scientists have reported a new design of a flexible wearable supercapacitor patch. It uses MXene to create a textile-based supercapacitor that can charge in minutes and power an Arduino microcontroller (...)
[Science daily]

Researchers can 'see' crystals perform their dance moves
Researchers already knew the atoms in perovskites react favorably to light. Now they've seen precisely how the atoms move when the 2D materials are excited with light. Their study details the first direct measurement of structural dynamics under light-induced excitation in 2D (...)
[Science daily]

A neuro-chip to manage brain disorders
Researchers have combined low-power chip design, machine learning algorithms, and soft implantable electrodes to produce a neural interface that can identify and suppress symptoms of various neurological disorders.
[Science daily]

A fairy-like robot flies by the power of wind and light
The loss of pollinators, such as bees, is a huge challenge for global biodiversity and affects humanity by causing problems in food production. Researchers have now developed the first passively flying robot equipped with artificial muscle. Could this artificial fairy be utilized in (...)
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