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Want to learn a new language? Get a partner and play this video game
Using a language-learning game called 'Crystallize,' created by computer science faculty and students, researchers found that when players are required to work together they learn more words -- and enjoy the game more.
[Science daily]

New, better way to build circuits for world's first useful quantum computers
The era of quantum computers is one step closer. New research demonstrates a new way to pack a lot more quantum computing power into a much smaller space and with much greater control than ever before. The result is important for the development of quantum computers that can do computations (...)
[Science daily]

Robots come to each other's aid when they get the signal
Sometimes all it takes to get help from someone is to wave at them, or point. Now the same is true for robots. Researchers have completed work on a project aimed at enabling robots to cooperate with one another on complex jobs, by using body (...)
[Science daily]

He's making it way easier to run clinical trials
Matthew Amsden is making it easier for researchers to conduct clinical trials using his startup ProofPilot.
[CNN Money]

Nanotechnology, math deliver two-in-one punch for cancer therapy resistance
Math, biology and nanotechnology are becoming strange, yet effective bed-fellows in the fight against cancer treatment resistance. Researchers have engineered a revolutionary new approach to cancer treatment that pits a lethal combination of drugs together into a single (...)
[Science daily]

Easy integration of biological knowledge improves understanding of diseases
Researchers have improved the integration of disparate sources and types of data which will advance scientists' understanding of disease using Wikipathways. This study will help other scientists better utilize open data and will aid the discovery of new therapeutic targets for (...)
[Science daily]

3D Brain-on-a-chip
To study brain cell’s operation and test the effect of medication on individual cells, the conventional Petri dish with flat electrodes is not sufficient. For truly realistic studies, cells have to flourish within three-dimensional surroundings. Researchers have developed a sieve with 900 (...)
[Science daily]

Providing bite count feedback helps lower calorie intake
New wearable technology is helping to provide novel weight loss tools. One way is by providing bite count feedback, which allows users to keep track of the number of bites during a meal. Researchers wanted to analyze how providing bite count feedback might influence eaters in different (...)
[Science daily]

Digital strategies show promise for emergency heart and stroke care
A new scientific statement reviews current research on the effectiveness and safety of using mobile devices, social media, visual media and crowdsourcing to improve emergency heart and stroke treatments.
[Science daily]

Particle zoo in a quantum computer
Physicists in Innsbruck have realized the first quantum simulation of lattice gauge theories, building a bridge between high-energy theory and atomic physics. Research teams describe how they simulated the creation of elementary particle pairs out of the vacuum by using a quantum (...)
[Science daily]

Diesels more polluting below 18C, research suggests
Pollution from many popular diesel cars is much worse when it is colder than 18C outside, new research suggests.
[BBC News]

Diesels more polluting below 18C, research suggests
Pollution from many popular diesel cars is much worse when it is colder than 18C outside, new research suggests.

New statistical approach will help researchers better determine cause-effect
Researchers have developed a new statistical technique that can help scientists determine causation of effects they are studying. This method can help scientists advance research that otherwise would stall out in its early phases.
[Science daily]

Drones could be cheaper alternative to delivering vaccines in developing world
Using unmanned drones to deliver vaccines in low- and middle-income countries may save money and improve vaccination rates, new research suggests.
[Science daily]

Gamble on your opponent's gaze if you want to win
Blackjack players who hold high-value cards tend to glance fleetingly to the right, whereas those with a lower-value hand do so spontaneously to the left. This is according to research on aspects of mental arithmetic.
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