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postmarketOS: aiming for a 10 year life-cycle for smartphones
It is 2017. Pick an average PC from 2007 and install a minimal GNU/Linux based operating system. You will be able to do basic computing tasks (eg. surfing the web, reading E-Mails, listening to music, chatting) just like on an expensive modern PC. You will even get security updates, so your old (...)

Google introduces Android Go
During I/O, Google also announced Android Go, a version of the mobile operating system optimised for lower-end devices. From Google's announcement: OS: We're optimizing Android O to run smoothly and efficiently on entry-level devices. Apps: We're also designing Google apps to use less memory, (...)

Is it still worth buying a Windows phone?
Mike is a happy Windows smartphone user and wants to upgrade to the latest operating system. Is this wise, or is the phone going the way of the BlackBerry? I’ve been using a Microsoft Lumia 640 for the past couple of years and like it a lot. It works well with OneDrive and other Microsoft stuff, (...)
[The Guardian]

How to protect your computer against the ransomware attack
Microsoft reneges on update policy to push out patch for unsupported Windows XP and Windows 8 to help defend against ransomware attackDon’t pay WannaCry demands, cybersecurity experts say Friday’s ransomware outbreak, which used recently revealed weaknesses in Microsoft’s Windows operating system (...)
[The Guardian]

Google's Fuchsia gets a rudimentary graphical user interface
Ars Technica has an article with screenshots about a new development in Fuchsia, Google's research (maybe?) operating system. The project has a very basic and barebones graphical user interface now. The home screen is a giant vertically scrolling list. In the center you'll see a (placeholder) (...)

What is Windows 10 S and how is it different from regular Windows 10?
New version of Microsoft’s OS is faster and more streamlined yet also more restricted than before. Available on new PCs from the summer, how does it compare? On Tuesday Microsoft launched Windows 10 S, a brand new version of its ubiquitous operating system that will come with many new PCs in the (...)
[The Guardian]

Microsoft unveils Surface Laptop and Windows 10 S to rival MacBook Pro
New premium laptop is thinner, lighter, faster and has longer battery life than any Apple laptop, while Windows 10 S takes on Google’s Chromebook Microsoft has launched Windows 10 S, a new locked-down version of its operating system aimed at the education market, and the new premium Surface (...)
[The Guardian]

Building a QNX 7 desktop
BlackBerry QNX is an embedded operating system targeting applications in the automotive, general embedded, and medical markets. However, it is not your garden-variety embedded OS: QNX is a full-blown, UNIX-like, POSIX-compliant operating system with all of the features you would expect of a (...)

Windows 10 Creators Update: 7 best new features
From Paint 3D to Start menu folders, greater privacy control and a dedicated game mode, here are the things worth updating for The next big update for Microsoft’s ubiquitous Windows 10 operating system is here. The so-called Creators Update adds a host of new features from MS Paint reinvented to (...)
[The Guardian]

Samsung's Tizen is a cracker's dream
But the operating system is riddled with serious security vulnerabilities that make it easy for a hacker to take control of Tizen-powered devices, according to Israeli researcher Amihai Neiderman. "It may be the worst code I've ever seen," he told Motherboard in advance of a talk about his (...)

iOS 11: how to find out which apps will die with Apple's next major update
Older apps are going to stop working once Apple turns off support for 32-bit applications, but a menu item in iOS tells users how affected they are Apple has released a new tool to help highlight apps that will be rendered obsolete by the next major update to its iOS operating system. The tool (...)
[The Guardian]

Fuchsia: Google's new operating system
Fuchsia is a new operating system being built more or less from scratch at Google. The news of the development of Fuchsia made a splash on technology news sites in August 2016, although many details about it are still a mystery. It is an open-source project; development and documentation work (...)

From the AT&T Archives: The UNIX Operating System
AT&T has a YouTube channel, where a few times a week they post old videos from the glory days. A few years ago, they posted a cool video from 1982 called The UNIX System: Making Computers More Productive. It's worth a watch. There's lots of other gems on the channel. For example, how about an (...)
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