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AMD Unveils AMD4U for Gamers and Content Creators with Square Enix and Adobe
AMD (NASDAQ: AMD) today announced AMD4U, a program designed to offer to PC buyers some of today's best creative tools and gaming applications optimized for AMD processors and graphics. Kicking off the program, consumers purchasing an eligible AMD-powered system may qualify to receive up to (...)
[WebWire Consumer electronics]

KFC's new smartphone: finger-licking-good or bottom of the bargain bucket?
Who needs Tim Cook? Colonel Sanders is launching a red smartphone with Huawei in China, complete with Snapdragon processor and fingerprint scanner Not content with ruling the fried chicken market, Colonel Sanders has set his sights on another avenue, the smartphone, with Kentucky Fried (...)
[The Guardian]

AMD introduces Ryzen PRO processors
This morning AMD is introducing their Ryzen PRO processors for business and commercial desktop PCs. The new lineup of CPUs includes the Ryzen 3 PRO, Ryzen 5 PRO and Ryzen 7 PRO families with four, six, or eight cores running at various frequencies. A superset to the standard Ryzen chips, the (...)

AnandTech's Intel Skylake-X Review
This review comes in two big meaty chunks to sink your teeth into. The first part is discussing the new Skylake-X processors, from silicon to design and covering some of the microarchitecture features, such as AVX-512-F support and cache structure. As mentioned, Skylake-X has some significantly (...)

Development of low-dimensional nanomaterials could revolutionize future technologies
Some scientists believe improvements in computer processors, TV displays and solar cells will come from scientific advancements in the synthesis of low-dimensional nanomaterials.
[Science daily]

Face recognition system 'K-Eye'
Scientists have developed a semiconductor chip, CNNP (CNN Processor), that runs AI algorithms with ultra-low power, and K-Eye, a face recognition system using CNNP.
[Science daily]

Superconducting nanowire memory cell, miniaturized technology
Researchers have developed a new nanoscale memory cell that holds tremendous promise for successful integration with superconducting processors. The new technology provides stable memory at a smaller size than other proposed memory (...)
[Science daily]

Apple unveils iMac Pro
During Apple's WWDC keynote, the company updated both its iMac and MacBook lineup with 7th generation Kaby Lake processors, better GPUs, better displays, and so on - good, solid speed bumps all around. Nothing to get too excited about, but Apple has been inconsistent with keeping up with the (...)

AMD details ThreadRipper, Epyc processors
At today's press conference, AMD has confirmed that the 16 core processor will for most purposes be half of an Epyc processor. This means that the two die MCM chip will feature 4 DDR4 channels and a whopping 64 lanes of PCIe, with all 64 lanes being enabled for all ThreadRipper SKUs. This will (...)

Intel announces new processors, chipset
Lots of news from Intel today - the company announced a new line of processors and accompanying motherboard chipset. I have to admit I find Intel's product and platform names completely and utterly confusing, but from what I gather, the company announced new high-end i7 and i5 processors, as (...)

Apple is working on a dedicated chip to power AI on devices
Apple is working on a processor devoted specifically to AI-related tasks, according to a person familiar with the matter. The chip, known internally as the Apple Neural Engine, would improve the way the company's devices handle tasks that would otherwise require human intelligence - such as (...)

The MOnSter 6502
A dis-integrated circuit project to make a complete, working transistor-scale replica of the classic MOS 6502 microprocessor. This is sorcery - and art.

Microsoft unveils more powerful Surface Pro with longer battery life
The 2-in-1 Windows tablet hybrid updated with 7th-generation Intel Core processors and new rounded design, as Microsoft targets China with Shanghai launch Microsoft has announced a new version of its Surface Pro Windows tablet that is thinner, lighter and has a longer battery life. The company, (...)
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