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Ask Away: How can I feel less hungover?
I would like to visit Mexico this year but am unsure of the best time to go. I don't like the heat, so thought October might be a good time? Would it be best to fly to Mexico via Los Angeles or Houston? There are also so many (...)
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Man saved from nearly submerged car in Los Angeles
Fire crews in California save people from flash floods during "weather bomb".
[BBC News Americas]

Cars fall into Los Angeles sinkhole
The drama of cars tumbling into a sinkhole is shown on live TV.
[BBC News Americas]

Elon Musk to dig tunnel to ease traffic in LA, but he doesn't yet have permission
The SpaceX and Tesla CEO announced his plans to start digging ‘in a month or so’, but city planning bodies say he doesn’t have the permits required Elon Musk announced plans to start digging a traffic-easing tunnel under Los Angeles “in a month or so”, but city planning bodies say he doesn’t yet (...)
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