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Emails show nuances to 'Concussion' controversy, NFL fears
LOS ANGELES (AP) " Leaked emails about the fact-based football drama "Concussion" paint a complicated picture of the internal dealings between Sony executives, lawyers, external consultants and filmmaker Peter Landesman in the (...)
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New NASA soil moisture satellite loses 1 science instrument
LOS ANGELES (AP) " A NASA satellite launched seven months ago has lost use of one of two science instruments, but the agency says the mission to map global soil moisture will continue.NASA said Wednesday that its radar stopped (...)
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Prosecutors amend Uber lawsuit to include background check failures
Sex offenders, a convicted murderer and a kidnapper are among the service’s drivers say prosecutors from San Francisco and Los Angeles California prosecutors have amended a complaint against popular ride-sharing service Uber to include poorly managed background checks that permitted drivers with (...)
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John Belushi - La folle et tragique vie d'un Blues Brother
Le 5 mars 1982, John Belushi, 33 ans, l'un des acteurs comiques les plus populaires de sa génération, est retrouvé mort d'une overdose dans un bungalow du Chateau Marmont à Los Angeles. Que s'est-il passé ? Comment la star du Saturday Night Live et des Blues Brothers en est-elle arrivée là ? A (...)
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The making of Wattam: 'It's about how you play with the system'
Robin Hunicke, producer of Journey, on the joyous celebration of friendship and intuition she has developed with Katamari creator Keita Takahashi Robin Hunicke, the CEO of San Francisco-based game studio Funomena, is kind of worried. We’re standing in a corner of the Los Angeles convention (...)
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