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Turin fixes legal loophole, registers babies of gay parents
ROME (AP) — The Italian city of Turin has moved to fill a legal loophole by registering three babies born to gay parents who conceived abroad via artificial insemination.Mayor Chiara Appendino announced the registrations Monday,...
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European rights court rejects case on terminally ill toddler
PARIS (AP) — The European Court of Human Rights has rejected a case from a British mother and father who want to take their terminally ill toddler to Italy for treatment instead of allowing a hospital to remove him from life support.The...
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Holidays in hell: sulphurous spas banned by the Vatican in Italy's thermal baths
It's hot, smelly and you're bound to get dirty. Yet people pay a lot of money to get into this spa. For your next holiday, why not go to Hell?Next time someone tells you to go to hell, rejoice. It can be heaven.Forget the pain...
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Students learn Italian playing Assassin's Creed video game
A professor has used video games to teach Italian, allowing his students to master two semesters worth of language acquisition through one intensive class for students new to the Italian language.
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Mr Clooney, are you home? Cruising on the banks of Italy's Lake Como
'Mom! Do you have the permit?? WHERE IS THE PERMIT???" I yelled above the engine of our custom Cantiere Ernesto Riva motorboat while zooming along Italy's Lake Como.My heart was beating fast and my hands were shaking on the (...)
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