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UK's top Internet provider has big outage
Britain's leading Internet provider suffered a major outage Tuesday, with users across the country unable to use the service.
[CNN Money]

Indian regulator to Facebook: Stop spamming us
India's regulator has been swamped by millions of messages from supporters of "Free Basics," Facebook's controversial effort to expand Internet access for the poor.
[CNN Money]

Facebook fights back in row over its free internet for India’s poor
Campaign aims to restore its Free Basics plan for ‘unconnected billion’ The green light on Pushpa Kaushik’s modem hasn’t come on for the past three months. When she first got internet access in her home a year ago, all the people of Lalpur, a small village in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, used to (...)
[The Guardian]

Facebook 'free web' app suspended in Egypt
Facebook has confirmed a scheme to provide free internet access to people in Egypt has been suspended.
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