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China cracks down on VPNs, making it harder to circumvent Great Firewall
A 14-month government ‘cleanup’ of internet access services will make it harder for users to access websites that are usually censored or restricted China has begun a crackdown on the use of virtual private networks, or VPNs, making it harder for internet users to circumvent the Great Firewall. (...)
[The Guardian]

St. Louis' public library computers hacked
Hackers have infected every public computer in the St. Louis Public Library system, stopping all book borrowing and cutting off internet access to those who rely on the libraries for computers The computer system was hit by ransomware.
[CNN Money]

Google's research sibling X shuts down drones project
Project to build solar-powered drone to provide internet access in remote areas closed in favour of competing high-altitude balloon scheme Google owner Alphabet’s subsidiary research company, X, has shut down its project aimed at building a solar-powered drone intended to bring internet access (...)
[The Guardian]

A new way to punish young cybercriminals – make them wear a wifi jammer
A leading police officer wants young offenders to be issued with tags that block the internet. All we need to do is change the law (and hide all the cables) Cybercriminals do stuff online, so punish them by taking away their internet access. It’s as simple as taking a crowbar from a burglar. Or (...)
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