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Somalia's internet 'culture shock'
Some Somalis are experiencing a form of "culture shock" since fibre optic services launched in Mogadishu over the last week, an internet provider says.

Gogo increases in-flight bandwidth to 70Mbps
In-flight Internet access provider Gogo is working on a service that will increase the maximum data speed on planes to 70Mbps.

Google gets practice flying its high-altitude balloons in Project Loon
Google, which has been testing balloon-powered Internet access in underdeveloped area, said one of its balloons circled the Earth in 22 days.

MEPs vote for net neutrality law
The European Parliament has voted to restrict internet providers from being able to charge data-hungry services for the fast delivery of their material.

Facebook reveals plans for solar-powered drones to boost internet access
Team of experts assembled in Connectivity Lab to work on ways to 'beam internet to people from the sky', says Mark Zuckerberg Facebook is working on solar-powered drones to deliver and improve internet access around the world. The social network has revealed details of its Connectivity Lab, a (...)
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