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I'm a 'poster-child' for no Internet access
As digital technology shapes the nation's economy, most living in Indian country still can't even get online.
[CNN Money]

New broadband customers reject parental controls, figures show
The vast majority of new customers to the UK's four biggest internet providers have ignored content filters on their broadband connections Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

The excruciating customer services call that went viral
Ryan Block called Comcast, his internet provider, to cancel his account, but the 'retention specialist' on the other end of the line really didn't want him to do that. The resulting conversation was painful to say the least listen to the recording below Continue (...)
[The Guardian]

New Internet speed record blows past Google Fiber
Bell Labs set a new broadband Internet speed record over a landline that could change the need for Internet providers to bring fiber to the home.
[CNN Money]

Router only allows net after chores
A router that only allows internet access after household chores have been completed is being developed in the US.
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