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Living in the '90s? So are underwater wireless networks
Engineers are developing hardware and software tools to help underwater telecommunication catch up to its over-the-air counterpart.
[Science daily]

Open-source GPU could push computing power to the next level
A synthesizable graphics processor unit (GPU) architectural model has been developed for general-purpose and graphics-specific workloads. This marks the first time a team has taken an open-source GPU design and run a series of experiments on it to see how different hardware and software (...)
[Science daily]

Linux 4.4 released
Linux 4.4 has been released This release adds support for 3D support in virtual GPU driver, which allows 3D hardware-accelerated graphics in virtualization guests; loop device support for Direct I/O and Asynchronous I/O, which saves memory and increases performance; support for Open-channel (...)

Oculus Rift: Facebook’s virtual reality headset is here – at a price
Headset pre-orders open as Twitter users express dismay over prices Universal Music Group – the label that boasts Taylor Swift, Justin Bieber and Madonna on its roster – has revealed it is teaming up with iHeartMedia to “virtualise” the gig experience, with the hardware now available for pre-order. (...)
[The Guardian]

This is Google Glass: Enterprise Edition in the flesh
Google's next move for Glass is clearly into the enterprise, and the device that Google is using to make this move, appropriately dubbed "Enterprise Edition," has improved internal hardware, and a new look built around a button-and-hinge system made for working environments. As you can tell, (...)

Images, codes could provide secure alternative to multiple device password systems
A system using images and a one-time numerical code could provide a secure and easy to use alternative to multi-factor systems dependent on hardware or software and one-time passwords, a study suggests.
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