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"Team mbed" Returns for 2015 AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon at CES
What: 'Team mbed' will be appearing at the 2015 AT&T Developer Summit Hackathon following its successful debut at the AT&T Hackathon at Super Mobility Week in September 2014. Team mbed is a group of Internet of Things (IoT) industry leaders that provide bleeding edge hardware (...)
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Samsung Galaxy Note Edge review
The Note Edge is a really novel idea, and for what it is it's executed quite well, particularly in terms of hardware and display technology. Samsung manages to introduce a rounded portion without compromising image quality, the software is fairly limited but speedy, and the rest of the phone is (...)

Nokia unveils N1 Android 5.0 tablet
Nokia - the part that remained in Finland after dumping its failing phone money pit at Microsoft - has just unveiled its first new hardware product: an Android tablet. And the N1 is an impressive tablet to say the least. It follows in the Nexus 9's footsteps with a 4:3 aspect ratio display, (...)

A Love Letter to Obsolete OSes and Emulation
The death of an old friend sent Paul Ford on a bender; emulating old hardware to run familiar obsolete operating systems and software, and remembering 1980s and 1990s computing culture in about the most OSNews-bait article I've ever read. It's a wonderful read, with all your old favorites: (...)

Fuzix, a New Unix 5 like OS for Zilog Z80 by Alan Cox
In a Google Plus post, Alan Cox, of linux kernel fame, announced a new Unix V like operating system for the zilog z80 architecture. He's been on a z80 kick the past couple of years, even getting into hardware board design. For those interested, he has has a git (...)

Harnessing error-prone chips: New system would allow programmers to easily trade computational accuracy for energy savings
As transistors get smaller, they also grow less reliable. Increasing their operating voltage can help, but that means a corresponding increase in power consumption. With information technology consuming a steadily growing fraction of the world's energy supplies, some researchers and hardware (...)
[Science daily]

Visopsys 0.75 Released
Visopsys is an alternative OS for PC-compatibles. Version 0.75 is the third update this year, and is particularly focused on hardware, adding USB 3.0 (XHCI) and APIC interrupt controller support, as well as improved USB 2.0 and hub support. Downloads are available from here, and details are (...)

Highway1 Incubator Opens Enrollment for Next Class of Hardware Startups; Introduces Rolling Applications
Highway1, PCH's hardware incubator based in San Francisco, today announced an open call for applications from around the world, as well as a shift to rolling admissions. The new admissions process allows startups to be accepted into the program throughout the year, and creates more (...)
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