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Parenting website Mumsnet hit by Heartbleed hacking bug
Mumsnet says data of all 1.5m members may be compromised as co-founder admits message was posted using her own password Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Cybersecurity researchers roll out a new heartbleed solution: Red Herring creates decoy servers, entraps, monitors hackers
As companies scrambled in recent days to address the latest cybersecurity bug known as Heartbleed, researchers demonstrate a solution that fixes the vulnerability, and also detects and entraps hackers who might be using it to steal sensitive (...)
[Science daily]

US warns of Heartbleed bug danger
The US government warns of the risk of hackers trying to exploit an internet bug and suggests that users change passwords after sites are patched.
[BBC News Americas]

US warns of Heartbleed bug danger
The US government warns of the risk of hackers trying to exploit an internet bug and suggests that users change passwords after sites are patched.

Encrypting sensitive data is a must; new key management tools make it easy
Encryption is one of the best ways to prevent the type of terrible headaches that many high-profile companies have experienced with stolen data. Even if experienced hackers are able to penetrate a system, having the data encrypted can mean that nothing useful is (...)

Google: 80% of news organisations are targeted by state hackers
News organisations including the Guardian are 'massively over-represented' in attempted attacks by state-sponsored hackers, researchers claim More than four-fifths of the world's top media organisations, including the Guardian, have been the target of likely state sponsored hacking attacks, (...)
[The Guardian]

Black markets for hackers increasingly sophisticated, specialized, maturing
Black and gray markets for computer hacking tools, services and byproducts such as stolen credit card numbers continue to expand, creating an increasing threat to businesses, governments and individuals, according to a new study. One dramatic example is the December 2013 breach of retail giant (...)
[Science daily]

Hackers thwarted by net timekeepers
A massive worldwide effort has been under way to harden the net's clocks against hack attacks.
[BBC News]

Hacker Andrew Auernheimer attempts to overturn conviction
Lawyers say conviction under Computer Fraud and Abuse Act is flawed and raises questions for civil liberties online Lawyers for hacker Andrew "Weev" Auernheimer, who is serving a 41-month prison sentence, will appear in a US court on Wednesday to try to overturn a conviction they say has (...)
[The Guardian]

Citroen becomes the latest victim of Adobe ColdFusion hackers
One of carmaker's German websites hacked to include a backdoor last year, following similar cases elsewhere. By Tom Brewster
[The Guardian]

Chinese hacker cracks Safari, wins $40K, praises Apple's security
Some of his prize money will go to families of the missing Malaysian plane.
[CNN Money]

Hackers steal data from MtGox boss
Hackers have taken over the web accounts of the boss of troubled Bitcoin exchange MtGox and published data they found.
[BBC News]

Abortion provider hit by data fine
An abortion provider has been fined £200,000 for a data breach that revealed thousands of people's details to a hacker.

Boot up: iPhone blood pressure, new sucking bots, bitcoin implosion, and more
Plus Apple buys something, Samsung fined, comic hacking, fake banks, and more. By Samuel GibbsSamuel Gibbs
[The Guardian]

Europol warning over wi-fi hotspots
People should not send sensitive information over public wi-fi hotspots, as data theft by hackers is rising, Europol warns.
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