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Man-eating Nile crocodiles in Florida
Florida wildlife experts express concern about three man-eating Nile crocodiles found in local swamps, amid fears more may be at large.
[BBC News Americas]

Elon Musk's SpaceX lands reusable rocket on barge for second time
Falcon first-stage booster touches down vertically off Florida coastCompany had played down hopes of a successful landing SpaceX landed a rocket on a robotic ocean barge on Friday, the second marine landing for the private aerospace company and the third successful use of a reusable rocket. (...)
[The Guardian]

The untold story of Magic Leap
There is something special happening in a generic office park in an uninspiring suburb near Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Inside, amid the low gray cubicles, clustered desks, and empty swivel chairs, an impossible 8-inch robot drone from an alien planet hovers chest-high in front of a row of potted (...)

Online abuse: how women are fighting back
With the world only half paying attention to online threats, women are rising up to help each other, from strategy to support For two years, Michelle Ferrier was the target of a campaign of intimidation and harassment. The only black, female reporter on Florida’s Daytona Beach News-Journal, from (...)
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