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Passenger stranded after American Airlines forget wheelchair
A traveller says they were stranded at a Florida airport after an airline forgot to load their wheelchair. Xavi Santiago said she and a group of friends waited for almost five hours at Orlando Airport trying to find out what (...)
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Hurricane Ian: Florida deaths 47, four in North Carolina, recovery effort struggles
Rescuers evacuated stunned survivors on a large barrier island cut off by Hurricane Ian and Florida's death toll climbed sharply, as hundreds of thousands of people were still sweltering without power days after the monster storm...
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Hurricane Ian: Death toll escalates in Florida to 47
Authorities in Florida confirmed several more deaths late on Saturday that raised the state's death toll from Hurricane Ian to at least 47 , hiking the global toll to at least 54 dead.A list of the dead compiled by medical examiners...
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Hurricane Ian: They stayed for the storm - what happens now?
Florida residents face tough choices about whether to stay or leave in the aftermath of Hurricane Ian.
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Hurricane Ian leaves dozens dead, Florida and South Carolina clean-up begins, focus on rescue, recovery
With a death toll nearing three dozen, rescuers are searching for survivors among the Florida homes ruined by Hurricane Ian, while authorities in South Carolina have begun assessing damage from the powerful storm's strike there (...)
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Aerial views of destruction from Hurricane Ian in Florida
Seen from above, the wreckage Hurricane Ian left in its wake shows the power of the historic storm.
[BBC News Americas]

Hurricane Ian: Who is Ron DeSantis' wife Casey?
Florida's 'First Lady' will play a major role in the state's relief efforts after Hurricane Ian.
[BBC News Americas]

Hurricane Ian: Billions of property damage
The storm has cut a swathe of destruction across the Florida peninsula, leaving people's lives in pieces.
[BBC News Americas]

Storm chaser pilot flew into Hurricane Ian says Florida storm worst in his career
A veteran hurricane hunter who intentionally flew into the eye of Hurricane Ian said it was one of the worst of his career."I've never seen so much lightning in an eye," Nick Underwood said on Wednesday.Tweeting a video from (...)
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'You either have to swim or drown'
A woman describes how flood waters were above waist height at her home after the hurricane hit Florida.
[BBC News Americas]

Hurricane Ian - Maps and images showing destruction
Visual guide to powerful Hurricane Ian, which has caused devastation in Cuba and Florida
[BBC News Americas]

Hurricane Ian: Why did waters recede just before storm hit Florida
Florida was braced for a storm surge - yet the sea floor was exposed in the hours ahead of storm.
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