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AI machine beats college kids at foosball
A group of undergraduate engineering students at Brigham Young University have made a robotic vision-controlled foosball table that can beat human players at the game.
[CNN Money]

Dyson unveils 'quieter' £299 hairdryer
Engineering firm Dyson reveals its first personal care product - a hairdryer that it says is less damaging to hair than a conventional machine.
[BBC News]

VIDEO: Chernobyl: What happened 30 years ago?
Yuriy Andreyev worked at the Chernobyl nuclear plant and was one of the engineers who helped contain the fallout of the accident.
[BBC News Europe]

VIDEO: App helps expectant mums in Cameroon
A young engineer shows the BBC the medical app he has developed for pregnant women.
[BBC News Africa]

With simple process, engineers fabricate fastest flexible silicon transistor
One secret to creating the world's fastest silicon-based flexible transistors: a very, very tiny knife. Engineers have now pioneered a unique method that could allow manufacturers to easily and cheaply fabricate high-performance transistors with wireless capabilities on huge rolls of (...)
[Science daily]

New technique to probe 'noise' in quantum computing
Quantum computing may revolutionize information processing by providing a means to solve problems too complex for traditional computers, with applications in code breaking, materials science and physics, but figuring out how to engineer such a machine remains elusive. Now researchers have (...)
[Science daily]

Fish-eyed lens cuts through the dark
Combining the best features of a lobster and an African fish, engineers have created an artificial eye that can see in the dark. And their fishy false eyes could help search-and-rescue robots or surgical scopes make dim surroundings seem bright as (...)
[Science daily]

WiFi capacity doubled at less than half the size
An engineer has integrated a non-reciprocal circulator and a full-duplex radio on a nanoscale silicon chip for the first time. This breakthrough technology needs only one antenna, thus enabling an even smaller overall system than one he developed last yea. It could, he says, revolutionize the (...)
[Science daily]

Brunel's Thames tunnel (and accidental brothel) becomes new arts space
The entrance hall to Brunel’s 19th-century tunnel under the Thames has been turned into a unique auditorium, complete with the rumble of Tube trains The engineers Marc and his son Isambard Kingdom Brunel would have approved, the director of the Brunel Museum Robert Hulse reflected, as he removed (...)
[The Guardian]

Research team revs up connected-vehicle technology
Cars, fire trucks and traffic signals are connected on live streets in an Arizona community, where engineering researchers are fine-tuning their technology and demonstrating its power to save lives and put an end to sitting at an empty intersection, waiting for the light to (...)
[Science daily]

Uber hires top Ford exec in self-driving car quest
Uber said that it has poached Sherif Marakby, director of global electronics and engineering at Ford, to work on its self-driving car efforts.
[CNN Money]

First transistors made entirely of nanocrystal 'inks'
Engineers have shown a new approach for making transistors and other electrical devices: sequentially depositing their components in the form of liquid nanocrystal 'inks.'
[Science daily]

Fashion, function conflict in creating wearable technology
The wearable technology industry is often hampered by communication breakdowns between technology engineers and fashion designers. These breakdowns can hurt company productivity.
[Science daily]

Tesla blames 'hubris' for part delays
Tesla blames over-engineering of its Model X electric car for delays in getting them to consumers.

FreeBSD 10.3 released
The FreeBSD Release Engineering Team is pleased to announce the availability of FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE. This is the third release of the stable/10 branch, which improves on the stability of FreeBSD 10.2-RELEASE and introduces some new features. It's got a ton of improvements to the UEFI boot (...)
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