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New theory could lead to new generation of energy friendly optoelectronics
Researchers have created a new theoretical framework which could help physicists and device engineers design better optoelectronics, leading to less heat generation and power consumption in electronic devices which source, detect, and control (...)
[Science daily]

Interscatter enables first implanted devices, contact lenses, credit cards to 'talk' WiFi
Engineers have introduced a new way of communicating that allows power-constrained devices such as brain implants, contact lenses, credit cards and smaller wearable electronics to talk to everyday devices such as smartphones and (...)
[Science daily]

Researchers resolve a problem that has been holding back a technological revolution
Researchers have cleared that obstacle by developing a new way to purify carbon nanotubes -- the smaller, nimbler semiconductors that are expected to replace silicon within computer chips and a wide array of electronics.
[Science daily]

Mentor Graphics Launches New Xpedition Enterprise Platform to Address Rigid-Flex and High-Speed Design Challenges
Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced the first phase of the new Xpedition┬« printed circuit design (PCB) design flow to address the increasing complexity of today's advanced systems designs. The increasing densities of electronics products are forcing companies to (...)
[WebWire Electronic components]

New material discovery allows study of elusive Weyl fermion
Researchers have discovered a new type of Weyl semimetal, a material that opens the way for further study of Weyl fermions, a type of massless elementary particle hypothesized by high-energy particle theory and potentially useful for creating high-speed electronic circuits and quantum (...)
[Science daily]

Samsung Spreads the Olympic Spirit through Rio 2016 Olympic Games Pin Promotion
Olympians are showcasing their athletic feats to the world throughout the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, but fans and consumers in Rio are competing in an entirely different type of activity: Olympic Pin collecting. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd., Worldwide Olympic Partner in the wireless (...)
[WebWire Consumer electronics]

Kaynes Technology Implements Lean NPI Flow using Mentor Graphics Software
Mentor Graphics Corporation (NASDAQ: MENT) today announced that Kaynes Technology, a leading electronic manufacturing service (EMS) company based in Mysore, India, has selected Mentor Graphics to provide a complete design-to-manufacturing solution comprising Mentor Graphics Xpedition┬« Enterprise (...)
[WebWire Electronic components]

Gaming using a stretchy touchpad
Researchers have developed a highly stretchable touchpad that can be used to write words and play electronic games.
[Science daily]

Samsung denies keeping information on toxins from workers
S Korea's Samsung Electronics denies withholding crucial information from workers about which chemicals they have been exposed to at its factories.

Samsung denies keeping information on toxins from workers
S Korea's Samsung Electronics denies withholding crucial information from workers about which chemicals they have been exposed to at its factories.
[BBC News]

Plenty of light during daytime reduces the effect of blue light screens on night sleep
The use of smartphones and tablet computers during evening hours has previously been associated with sleep disturbances in humans. A new study now shows that daytime light exposure may be a promising means to combat sleep disturbances associated with evening use of electronic (...)
[Science daily]

Just how secure are electronic voting machines?
Have we entered the era of the hackable election? Security researchers explain how easy it would be to hack electronic voting machines.
[CNN Money]

Liquid light switch could enable more powerful electronics
Researchers have built a record energy-efficient switch, which uses the interplay of electricity and a liquid form of light, in semiconductor microchips. The device could form the foundation of future signal processing and information technologies, making electronics even more (...)
[Science daily]

AT&T could hand deliver your next phone
AT&T is expanding its partnership with Enjoy, a startup that delivers and sets up electronics in your home.
[CNN Money]

Apple given all-clear to sell energy from solar farm
Electronics giant Apple has been granted the right to sell energy generated at its $850m solar farm in California.
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