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How to use technology to sleep better
Tired of being tired? Instead of banning electronics from the bedroom, tech can help you get to sleep faster, sleep better and wake up feeling more refreshed Of all our biological imperatives, sleep has probably suffered the most in our technology-fuelled move to an ever-faster pace of life, (...)
[The Guardian]

New study shows electronic health records often capture incomplete mental health data
This study compares information available in a typical electronic health record (EHR) with data from insurance claims, focusing on diagnoses, visits, and hospital care for depression and bipolar disorder.
[Science daily]

Facial grading systems for patients with facial paralysis
When patients have facial paralysis, many rehabilitation specialists and facial reanimation surgeons use the time-tested Sunnybrook Facial Grading System (FGS) to measure and look for changes in facial function. A new electronic and digitally graded facial measurement scale called eFace was (...)
[Science daily]

Researchers develop new semiconducting polymer for forthcoming flexible electronics
A new n-type semiconducting polymer with superior electron mobility and oxidative stability has been developed by researchers. The team modified an n-type conjugated polymer with semi-fluoroalkyl side chains. As a result, the modified polymer was shown to form a superstructure composed of (...)
[Science daily]

Urine turned into sustainable power source for electronic devices
Researchers have developed an innovative miniature fuel cell that can generate electricity from urine, creating an affordable, renewable and carbon-neutral way of generating power.
[Science daily]

Ultrathin organic material enhances e-skin display
Researchers have developed an ultrathin, ultraflexible, protective layer and demonstrated its use by creating an air-stable, organic light-emitting diode (OLED) display. This technology will enable creation of electronic skin (e-skin) displays of blood oxygen level, e-skin heart rate sensors (...)
[Science daily]

'Odd couple' monolayer semiconductors align to advance optoelectronics
Scientists synthesized a stack of atomically thin monolayers of two lattice-mismatched semiconductors and created an atomically thin solar cell.
[Science daily]

Computers in your clothes? A milestone for wearable electronics
Researchers who are working to develop wearable electronics have reached a milestone: They are able to embroider circuits into fabric with 0.1 mm precision -- the perfect size to integrate electronic components such as sensors and computer memory devices into (...)
[Science daily]

Elusive state of superconducting matter discovered after 50 years
Scientists have produced the first direct evidence of a state of electronic matter first predicted by theorists in 1964 -- a 'Cooper pair density wave.' The discovery may provide key insights into the workings of high-temperature (...)
[Science daily]

New material that may speed computing discovered
Physicists have discovered a topological metal, PtSn4 (platinum and tin), with a unique electronic structure that may someday lead to energy efficient computers with increased processor speeds and data storage.
[Science daily]

The future is here: Interactive screens on your packages
Instead of reading a label, consumers could be interacting with an electronic screen on packaging in the future, thanks to a revolutionary new development that could revolutionize the packaging industry.
[Science daily]

Uber hires top Ford exec in self-driving car quest
Uber said that it has poached Sherif Marakby, director of global electronics and engineering at Ford, to work on its self-driving car efforts.
[CNN Money]

Electronic prescriptions safer, more efficient
As New York State shifts away from paper prescriptions, one physician leader says electronic prescribing, or "e-prescribing," will lead to improved patient safety and a more efficient prescription process.
[Science daily]

Scientists push valleytronics one step closer to reality
A big step has been taken toward the practical application of 'valleytronics,' which is a new type of electronics that could lead to faster and more efficient computer logic systems and data storage chips in next-generation devices. Researchers experimentally demonstrated, for the first (...)
[Science daily]

Custom Home Theaters Require More Than Advanced Electronics
With the ever-expanding options in wide-screen TVs and home stereo equipment, many Atlanta homeowners require home theater installation for their advanced electronics. Whether placed in a designated home theater, or used for daily TV and entertainment, professional setup is required. Wireless (...)
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