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Solving the mystery of the OP1 processor in the Chromebook Plus
Turns out the processor/SoC in the latest two ChromeBooks - the Samsung models - are part of a wider program by Google. The OP1 is built by Rockchip, which has made ARM processors for a while and isn't especially well-regarded among US consumers. And, strangely enough, even discovering that (...)

If newspapers won't check viral stories, who will listen to them about fake news? | Jasper Jackson
Media outlets published video of cyclist responding to catcallers without checking its authenticity. The race for clicks is undermining claims people should trust the news Even as the media continues to take Facebook to task over its fake news problem, many parts of the news business are doing (...)
[The Guardian]

Facebook confusion over fake cancer babies U-turns
Facebook apologises after repeatedly restoring posts featuring stolen photos of children and posted claims they had cancer.

David Davies jailed for live-streaming Cardiff court case
A man is jailed for filming court proceedings in Cardiff and live-streaming them on Facebook.

Facebook deletes fake child-cancer posts accounts
Two accounts that stole pictures of a sick child and falsely claimed he had cancer are deleted by Facebook.
[BBC News]

You can now transfer money abroad via Facebook
The money transfer startup TransferWise has launched a new chatbot that enables Facebook users to move funds abroad using the social platform's Messenger service.
[CNN Money]

Facebook clones Snapchat again with WhatsApp Status and Direct Photos
For those keeping count, we’re up to 17 copies, acquisition attempts, or inspirations Not content with taking on Snapchat by shipping two clones of Snapchat Stories, attempting two acquisitions (one of Snapchat, one of a Chinese company making Snapchat-style camera apps), making four standalone (...)
[The Guardian]

Mark Zuckerberg rules his empire but politics is another country | Anne McElvoy
The Facebook founder could yet lead other tech titans into the arena of public life. But they would need a whole new set of skills Abraham Lincoln took under 300 words to deliver the Gettysburg address. Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg deployed just under 6,000 to explain his mission as a (...)
[The Guardian]

Facebook's important role in activism
A majority of Women's March protesters showed up because of Facebook.
[CNN Money]

If Zuckerberg wants to rule the world, does he even need to be president?
The Facebook CEO’s 5,700 word post advocated a strong civil society and ended quoting Lincoln. Is he pitching for office, or already an unofficial Potus? It is not normal for a technology chief executive to announce a new product roadmap in the form of a 5,700 word blogpost that begins with a (...)
[The Guardian]

Snapchat to investors: 'Bigger isn't better'
Snapchat may be much smaller than Facebook, but its executives are stressing to investors that the users it does have are incredibly engaged.
[CNN Money]

The Facebook manifesto: Mark Zuckerberg's letter to the world looks a lot like politics
The social media tycoon’s 5,700-word post about the ‘global community’ stokes rumours that another billionaire businessman is planning to run for president Name: The Facebook manifesto. Age: One day old. Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Mark Zuckerberg's letter annotated: what he said and what he didn't
Alex Hern analyses the Facebook founder’s 5,700-word mission statement on the goals of Facebook and highlights what he really meant and what he left outMark Zuckerberg pens major Facebook manifesto Zuckerberg’s full Facebook letter On our journey to connect the world, we often discuss products (...)
[The Guardian]

How do you build a self-repairing city? – tech podcast
Leigh Alexander finds out how close we are to the end of potholes and road works. Could Leeds become the first city to repair itself, using new robot technology? Subscribe and review on iTunes, Audioboom, Mixcloud, Acast, or on your favourite podcasting app and join the discussion on Facebook (...)
[The Guardian]

Mark Zuckerberg pens major Facebook manifesto on how to burst the bubble
The 5,700-word mission statement reads like a State of the Union address, tackling everything from fake news to growing anti-globalization sentiment Mark Zuckerberg deleted a potentially controversial reference to monitoring the private messages of users from the 5,700-word manifesto he (...)
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