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CIA ex-boss: secretive spooks tolerated in UK more than in US
Michael Hayden talks at Hay festival about Edward Snowden and how Facebook, not government, is new privacy battleground British people are not demanding more transparency from the intelligence services as loudly as Americans, the former director of the US National Security Agency (NSA) and CIA (...)
[The Guardian]

'Middle class rap' lapped up by runners
A "middle class rap" performed by a Parkrun organiser clocks up more than 25,000 views on Facebook.
[BBC News UK]

Facebook clone launched in North Korea
The network looks like Facebook and pranksters are already having fun with it.
[CNN Money]

Facebook is building a giant cable under the sea
Read full story for latest details. Popular: Radical Islam in America | Graham Opposes Republican Leader | Guns in America
[CNN Money]

Silicon Valley’s hoover leaves newspapers hunting for profit
Dominance of Facebook and Google has seen print ads plummet and newspapers’ once-bright digital future recede The boss of the media firm Vice has predicted a “bloodbath” in the industry this year – and, judging by the investor panic that attended the Daily Mail’s latest results, Shane Smith may be (...)
[The Guardian]

Facebook and Microsoft to build private internet highway underwater
Projects to install undersea cables from US to Spain would ensure fast enough connectivity for tech companies’ virtual reality and live video services Facebook and Microsoft are going underwater. The two technology companies announced on Thursday they are to install an undersea cable from the (...)
[The Guardian]

Highest capacity Atlantic cable planned
Microsoft and Facebook announce plans to build the highest capacity data link between the US and Europe.

Highest capacity Atlantic cable planned
Microsoft and Facebook announce plans to build the highest capacity data link between the US and Europe.
[BBC News]

Language of women versus men: 'Wonderful' and 'thankful' versus 'battle' and 'enemy'
In a computational analysis of the words used by more than 65,000 consenting Facebook users in some 10 million messages, it was discovered that women use language that is warmer and more agreeable than men.
[Science daily]

Study shows which new moms post the most on Facebook
A study shows which psychological characteristics of some new mothers may affect how they use Facebook to show off their baby. The research concluded that those mothers who posted more on Facebook tended to report more depressive symptoms after nine months of parenthood than other (...)
[Science daily]

Facebook finds no evidence of bias, but makes changes anyway
Read full story for latest details.
[CNN Money]

Facebook's private school stalled due to water shortage in Silicon Valley city
The Primary School, a free school for low-income students set to open this fall with Priscilla Chan as CEO, can’t get permits to start building in East Palo Alto A new school funded by Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, is facing delays in construction due to a water (...)
[The Guardian]

'Facebooking' your doctor's appointment
Telemedicine, which allows doctors to communicate, diagnose and even treat their patients remotely is on the rise thanks to advances in information technology. It allows healthcare workers to securely monitor patients in inaccessible parts of the world as well as providing more timely responses (...)
[Science daily]

Facebook to change trending topics after investigation into bias claims
Internal report finds ‘virtually identical’ rates of conservative and liberal topics, but guidelines updated to ‘exclude possibility of improper actions’ Facebook has denied allegations that the team responsible for its trending topics section deliberately suppressed conservative views – but says (...)
[The Guardian]

Too fat for Facebook: photo banned for depicting body in 'undesirable manner'
Facebook has apologized for wrongly banning a photo of plus-sized model Tess Holliday for violating its ‘health and fitness’ advertising policy Facebook has apologized for banning a photo of a plus-sized model and telling the feminist group that posted the image that it depicts “body parts in an (...)
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