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Facebook triples quarterly profits
Facebook shares jump after it said quarterly profits tripled from a year earlier to $1.51bn.
[BBC News]

Facebook hacker discovers intruder
A hacker seeking ways to get at Facebook's internal network has uncovered traces of another hacker who got there first.

Facebook corporate network hack discovered by security researcher
Penetration testing unearths backdoor installed on Facebook’s company servers had been logging employee credentials and exposing security Hackers gained entry to Facebook’s internal corporate network for several months, with access to hundreds of the social network’s employee usernames and (...)
[The Guardian]

How Facebook plans to take over the world
Social network went from digital directory for college kids to communications behemoth – and it’s planning for prosperity with its global takeover It’s late afternoon on a blustery spring day on the waterfront at San Francisco’s Fort Mason, a former military base that’s now hired out for corporate (...)
[The Guardian]

Can Facebook succeed where Google struggles?
Facebook is going big on experimental ideas, but they're all part of Mark Zuckerberg's very specific plan for the future. Podcast favorites: Blindsided: How ISIS Shook The World | Bernie gets the Axe | Guns in America
[CNN Money]

Facebook, Google campuses at risk of being flooded due to sea level rise
Forecasts show that Silicon Valley is at risk even under optimistic scenarios where rapid cuts in greenhouse gas emissions avoid the most severe increases Technology giants including Facebook and Google face the prospect of their prestigious Silicon Valley headquarters becoming swamped by water (...)
[The Guardian]

Facebook is going to start showing you pieces people actually read
Another algorithm change has been announced by the social network, focused on enhancing reading time Facebook is changing its algorithm yet again, and this time it wants to show you more things that you’ll actually spend time reading or watching. The social network looks at a wealth of data when (...)
[The Guardian]

Inside the darknet - Tech Weekly podcast
The dark underbelly of the internet explored Despite the fact that it’s just a couple of clicks away, most internet users have no knowledge of the existence of the darknet, the murky world beneath the familiar surface web of Google, Facebook and Twitter. The encrypted cyber-realm is home to (...)
[The Guardian]

Facebook considers tip jar proposal as part of push to monetise posts
Opportunity to pay small amounts to favoured pages is being mooted along with other options. But would tipping really catch on on the social network? Facebook is considering the introduction of a virtual “tip jar”, so users can tip small amounts of money to the pages and people they like most. (...)
[The Guardian]

Why Facebook gave the boot to The Shade Room
Read full story for latest details.
[CNN Money]

Facebook is worried about users sharing less – but it only has itself to blame
Its business model relies on users sharing personal data instead of cat videos, but that is happening less and less – and it’s a devil of Facebook’s own making Facebook is worried that its more than one billion daily users are sharing less with one another. It’s not that we are sharing less (...)
[The Guardian]

Move over, chatbots: meet the artbots
From TwoHeadlines to Shiv Integer, artists are subverting Silicon Valley’s tools to artistic ends At Facebook’s F8 conference in Silicon Valley, David Marcus, the company’s head of messaging, proudly demonstrated its new suite of chatbots. Users can now get in a conversation with the likes of CNN, (...)
[The Guardian]

Deported United States Veterans
Carl Holgate's displeasure with his local VA, the Malcom Randall VA Medical Center in Gainesville, FL, prompted him to found the Facebook Group Veterans And The VA . He states, “It's the best thing I could have done, it got me out of my ongoing difficulties with the VA and into helping (...)
[WebWire Internet technology]

Facebook's ad chief: Let's rethink STEM
Facebook's ad chief Andrew Bosworth is a passionate advocate of STEM and credits 4-H with helping him develop his skills as a technologist.
[CNN Money]

Facebook’s 'spammy' chatbots must improve - and fast
Company’s new Messenger chatbot prompts nonsensical answers and unrelenting spam, which risks tipping users over the edge If bots are the new apps, we’re in for a bombardment of spam that could force you into blocking brands, bots and services, if Facebook’s new chatbots are anything to go by. In (...)
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