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Take that, FBI: Apple goes all in on encryption
Apple’s newest encryption tool better secures files on all its devices, just the latest in a move to widespread encryption in the tech industry Apple revealed a slew of new software features for iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and desktop computers on Monday – yet omitted an important new technology (...)
[The Guardian]

Maru OS exits private beta
Maru OS is a platform that lets you run both Google Android and Debian Linux on a smartphone. Use your device as a phone, and it'll act like any other Android phone. Connect an external display, mouse, and keyboard and you've got a full-fledged Debian Linux desktop environment. It's available (...)

iOS 10 brings bigger emojis, better Siri and facial recognition to iPhone
Apple launch new version of iPad and iPhone operating system, including redesigned Apple Music, internet of things Home app, and new Apple Watch OSApple WWDC keynote: key points at a glance MacOS Sierra: Apple launches new desktop OS with Siri built-in The next version of Apple’s software for (...)
[The Guardian]

WWDC 2016: key points at a glance from Apple's conference
Apple has overhauled Photos, Music and Messages on iOS and unveiled macOS Sierra at its Worldwide Developers Conference keynoteMacOS Sierra: Apple launch new desktop OS with Siri built in iOS 10: bigger emojis, better Siri and facial recognition coming to your iPhone Apple held a keynote event (...)
[The Guardian]

PocketCHIP ships this month with PICO-8 preinstalled
But most exciting, to me at least, is PocketCHIP will ship with PICO-8 preinstalled. If you've never heard of PICO-8, you have a bunch of weird little video games to catch up on. Basically it's a "fantasy console" that runs in a browser or on a desktop, but has resource limitations akin to a (...)

Zuckerberg has given Facebook's investors all they need and he has just one request in return: control
Company is likely to let its co-founder and CEO push that little bit further, given that it’s making more money, from more users Mark Zuckerberg has dominated the desktop internet. He’s dominated the mobile internet. Now he’s going to dominate Facebook itself, and the company is probably going to (...)
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