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The internet of things - the next big challenge to our privacy
Privacy is a hot-button issue in the tech world. How will it fare in the age of pervasive computing a world of billions of connected devices, systems, and services exchanging personal data? Continue reading...
[The Guardian]

Google Glass rival has neck battery
Chinese computing giant Lenovo has shown off what it hopes will be a rival to Google Glass - but with a better battery life.

Google Glass rival has neck battery
Chinese computing giant Lenovo has shown off what it hopes will be a rival to Google Glass - but with a better battery life.
[BBC News]

Quantum leap in lasers brightens future for quantum computing
Scientists have devised a breakthrough laser that uses a single artificial atom to generate and emit particles of light. The laser may play a crucial role in the development of quantum computers, which are predicted to eventually outperform today's most powerful (...)
[Science daily]

Developing a smart approach to SMAC security
Few security executives at global enterprises--or even at smaller organizations--have not had to deal with issues related to social media, mobile technology, big data/analytics, or cloud computing.

Building much smaller, greener electronics: Atom-scale, ultra-low-power computing devices to replace transistor circuits
The digital age has resulted in a succession of smaller, cleaner and less power-hungry technologies since the days the personal computer fit atop a desk, replacing mainframe models that once filled entire rooms. Desktop PCs have since given way to smaller and smaller laptops, smartphones and (...)
[Science daily]

'Deep learning' makes search for exotic particles easier: New computing techniques could aid hunt for Higgs bosons
Fully automated 'deep learning' by computers greatly improves the odds of discovering particles such as the Higgs boson, beating even veteran physicists' abilities, according to new findings.
[Science daily]

Computing paths to asteroids helps find future exploration opportunities
As left over building blocks of the solar system's formation, asteroids are of significant interest to scientists. Resources, especially water, embedded within asteroids could be of use to astronauts traveling through deep space. Likewise, asteroids could continue to be destinations for robotic (...)
[Science daily]

Chemistry: New math technique improves atomic property predictions to historic accuracy
By combining advanced mathematics with high-performance computing, scientists have developed a tool that allowed them to calculate a fundamental property of most atoms on the periodic table to historic accuracy, reducing error by a factor of a thousand in many cases. The technique also could be (...)
[Science daily]

The death of the Urdu script
Way back in 2009, I wrote about a few specific cases in which computers led to (subtle) changes in the Dutch language. While the changes highlighted in that article were subtle and not particularly substantial, there are cases around the world where computing threatens much more than a few (...)

Wearable computing gloves can teach Braille, even if you're not paying attention
Researchers are using a wearable computing technology to help people learn how to read and write Braille. Those learning the skills are able to do so while concentrating on something else.
[Science daily]

Grid computing resources: Schedule algorithms based on game theory
Grid computing is a powerful form of distributed computing wherein a network of loosely coupled and geographically separated computers, typically of different computational powers, work together to perform data-intensive calculations. The technology uses numerical simulations to help (...)
[Science daily]

Ultra-thin wires for quantum computing
Take a fine strand of silica fiber, attach it at each end to a slow-turning motor, torture it over a flame until it nearly reaches its melting point and then pull it apart. The middle will thin out like taffy until it is less than half a micron across, and that, according to researchers, is how (...)
[Science daily]

Weird 'magic' ingredient for quantum computing: Contextuality
A form of quantum weirdness is a key ingredient for building quantum computers according to new research. Researchers have shown that a weird aspect of quantum theory called contextuality is a necessary resource to achieve the so-called magic required for universal quantum (...)
[Science daily]

Smart transportation systems for U.S. freeways: Guarding against 'Carmageddon' cyberattacks
The tightly integrated computing and networking systems required to turn the nation’s freeways in “smart transportation systems” are currently under development. The efforts of the Smart Roads Cyber-Physical Systems project to identify cyber attacks against these systems and to develop software to (...)
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