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Materials scientists putting new spin on computing memory
As computers continue to shrink -- moving from desks and laps to hands and wrists -- memory has to become smaller, stable and more energy conscious. A group of researchers is trying to do just that with help from a new class of materials, whose magnetism can essentially be controlled by the (...)
[Science daily]

Beyond the first law of computing
Will Moore's Law last another 50 years?

Beyond the first law of computing
Will Moore's Law last another 50 years?
[BBC News]

Quantum computing: Bounds on the quantum information 'speed limit' tightened
Physicists have narrowed the theoretical limits for where the 'speed limit' lies for quantum computers. The findings, which offer a better description of how quickly information can travel within a system built of quantum particles, implies that quantum processors will work more slowly than (...)
[Science daily]

Top Cloud IT Leader Scott White Joins ClearDATA as Chief Revenue Officer
ClearDATA, the healthcare industry leader in cloud computing, platform and information security services, announced that accomplished Cloud IT executive Scott White has joined the company as Chief Revenue Officer. In this newly created position, White will expand ClearDATA's engagement and (...)
[WebWire Electronic Internet commerce]

Carbon nanotube computing?
Scientists are using single-walled carbon nanotube composites (SWCNTs) as a material in "unconventional" computing. By studying the mechanical and electrical properties of the materials, they discovered a correlation between SWCNT concentration/viscosity/conductivity and the computational (...)
[Science daily]

Computers that mimic the function of the brain
A team researchers used a promising new material to build more functional memristors, bringing us closer to brain-like computing. Both academic and industrial laboratories are working to develop computers that operate more like the human brain. Instead of operating like a conventional, digital (...)
[Science daily]

Protein shake-up: Researchers use neutron scattering and supercomputing to study shape of a protein involved in cancer
A certain class of proteins has challenged researchers’ conventional notion that proteins have a static and well-defined structure.
[Science daily]

Scientists build a nanolaser using a single atomic sheet
Scientists have built a new nanometer-sized laser using a semiconductor that's only three atoms thick. It could help open the door to next-generation computing that uses light, rather than electrons, to transfer information.
[Science daily]

Scientists invent new way to control light, critical for next gen of super fast computing
A device resembling a plastic honeycomb yet infinitely smaller than a bee's stinger can steer light beams around tighter curves than ever before possible, while keeping the integrity and intensity of the beam intact.
[Science daily]

Quantum computing: One step closer with defect-free logic gate
What does hair styling have in common with quantum computing? The braiding pattern has inspired scientists as a potential new approach to quantum calculation. But due to their tight assembly, such braids are much more difficult to destabilize and less error-prone. Yet, local defects can still (...)
[Science daily]

New optical materials break digital connectivity barriers
In our increasingly networked world, we need much faster computer components to support enormous amounts of data transfer and data processing. A new study finds that new optical materials could serve as the nuts and bolts of future ultra-high-speed optical computing components. These 'nonlinear (...)
[Science daily]

Nanostructure complex materials modeling
Brookhaven physicists have illustrated how advances in computing and applied mathematics can improve the predictive value of models used to design new materials.
[Science daily]

Limitless Computing Develops EASYSKETCH Plugin for SketchUp
Limitless Computing Inc. ®,  the award-winning leading provider of 3D mobile Augmented Reality (AR), today announced that it has completed development of the new EASYSKETCH Plugin for Trimble SketchUp.  Created for United Kingdom-based EASYSKETCH , the plugin accelerates the kitchen design process (...)
[WebWire Mobile communications]

Optical fibers light the way for brain-like computing
Computers that function like the human brain could soon become a reality thanks to new research using optical fibers made of speciality glass. The research has the potential to allow faster and smarter optical computers capable of learning and evolving. Researchers have demonstrated how neural (...)
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