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Trust in the cloud could be pinned to online scoring system
An easy-to-use online tool to help build people's trust in the cloud has been developed by computer scientists. Cloud computing is widely recognized as a highly useful technology, with multiple benefits such as huge data storage capabilities, computational power, lower costs for companies (...)
[Science daily]

Google believes its superior AI will be the key to its future
Google is beginning to look beyond search to tap into some of the most lucrative and promising businesses in the tech industry: artificial intelligence and cloud computing. The company, the largest and most significant part of Alphabet Inc., has grown to mammoth proportions off the back of its (...)

Canonical unveils 6th LTS release of Ubuntu with 16.04
Canonical announced today it will release Ubuntu 16.04 LTS on 21st April, featuring the new 'snap' package format and LXD pure-container hypervisor. This is the latest version of the world’s most widely used Linux platform across desktop, IoT and cloud computing. The images are available for (...)

New technique to probe 'noise' in quantum computing
Quantum computing may revolutionize information processing by providing a means to solve problems too complex for traditional computers, with applications in code breaking, materials science and physics, but figuring out how to engineer such a machine remains elusive. Now researchers have (...)
[Science daily]

Quantum computing closer as scientists drive towards first quantum data bus
Researchers have trialled a quantum processor capable of routing quantum information from different locations in a critical breakthrough for quantum computing.
[Science daily]

How can I use three computer monitors like Bill Gates?
Cameron wants to try multi-monitor computing, like the Microsoft co-founder is known to do, but ideally without creating a spaghetti junction of wires Multi-monitor computing is an idea that has been challenging me for some time – that and a spaghetti junction of wires. I have super-powerful (...)
[The Guardian]

New material that may speed computing discovered
Physicists have discovered a topological metal, PtSn4 (platinum and tin), with a unique electronic structure that may someday lead to energy efficient computers with increased processor speeds and data storage.
[Science daily]

Neutron 'splashes' reveal signature of exotic particles
Researchers used neutrons to uncover novel behavior in materials that holds promise for quantum computing. The findings provide evidence for long-sought phenomena in a two-dimensional magnet.
[Science daily]

Light and sound waves used to control electron states
Physicists have combined light and sound to control electron states in an atom-like system, providing a new tool in efforts to move toward quantum-computing systems.
[Science daily]

Advance may make quantum computing more practical
Researchers have developed a new approach to preserving superposition in a class of quantum devices built from synthetic diamonds. The work could ultimately prove an important step toward reliable quantum computers.
[Science daily]

Quantum computing: Game changer or security threat?
The pros and cons of superfast computing in the finance world

Quantum computing: Game changer or security threat?
The pros and cons of superfast computing in the finance world
[BBC News]

Unlocking the gates to quantum computing
Researchers have overcome one of the key challenges to quantum computing by simplifying a complex quantum logic operation. They demonstrated this by experimentally realizing a challenging circuit -- the quantum Fredkin gate -- for the first (...)
[Science daily]

The totally righteous technology of the 1980s
1980s tech brought us personal computing and mobile phones to the masses, even if gadgets were bulky and slow by today's standards.
[CNN Money]

Andy Grove, former Intel CEO and personal computing pioneer, dead at 79
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