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Can emoji evolve into a meaningful language? – tech podcast
Dr Vyvyan Evans on the first emoji terror threat and what the future holds for non text-based communication Emblems and signs have always played an important role in human communication. What’s different about emoji, how can they help us communicate better in the digital age, and where might non (...)
[The Guardian]

EU seeks to outlaw 'backdoors' in new data privacy proposals
Draft report from European parliament clashes with UK government calls to allow access to encrypted communications from WhatsApp and others The European Union is considering banning the implementation of so-called “backdoors” that allow the reading of encrypted messaging, a move that would place (...)
[The Guardian]

China hits hack-proof communications milestone
Chinese researchers used a satellite in space to beam tiny particles over a huge distance, a big step forward in the pursuit of a hack-proof communications network.
[CNN Money]

Cognitive-related neural pattern to activate machines
A study has identified a functional brain pattern linked to cognitive behavior able to activate an iPad's touchscreen. Results may be useful in brain-machine interfaces, of particular interest for people with physical difficulties to communicate with the outside (...)
[Science daily]

George Brandis's salvo in cryptowars could blow a hole in architecture of the internet
Attorney general isn’t just proposing a backdoor into encrypted communications – it’s a giant sinkhole your backdoor fell into In 1993 the US president Bill Clinton’s administration introduced the “Clipper chip” into America’s digital and consumer electronics. It was one of the earliest attempts to (...)
[The Guardian]

Communications & organisations : accélérations temporelles
"Cet ouvrage propose dans sa globalité d observer le couplage communications/organisations et ses temporalités. Qu elles soient transformées par le numérique, par la mondialisation ou encore par les politiques publiques voire par une combinaison de ces différents éléments, les temporalités (...)
[EVENE - Actualité du Livre]

Temps et temporalités en information-communication
"Participant d une nouvelle dynamique pour penser le temps et les temporalités en Information-Communication, cet ouvrage aborde un ensemble d interrogations aussi bien du point de vue des théories que des méthodes. Ces interrogations débouchent sur une réflexion épistémologique sur les temporalités (...)
[EVENE - Actualité du Livre]

7 in 10 smartphone apps share your data with third-party services
Our mobile phones can reveal a lot about ourselves: where we live and work; who our family, friends and acquaintances are; how (and even what) we communicate with them; and our personal habits. With all the information stored on them, it isn’t surprising that mobile device users take steps to (...)
[Science daily]

Optical communication using solitons on a photonic chip
Researchers have used optical silicon nitride micro-resonators on a photonic chip that can easily be integrated into compact communication systems. Their demonstration allows a transmission of data rate of 55 terabits per second over a distance of 75 (...)
[Science daily]

Why the free content era has to end – tech podcast
Author Tim Wu on how the early utopian potential of the internet gave way to naked capitalism Tim Wu is a law professor at Columbia University, best known for coining the term net neutrality, and for tracing the history of modern communications in his last book, The Master Switch. Continue (...)
[The Guardian]

Random numbers: Hard times ahead for hackers
Whenever we need to communicate in secret, a cryptographic key is needed. For this key to work, it must consist of numbers chosen at random without any structure – just the opposite of using the birthdate of our favorite pet. But, for a human, it is extremely difficult to choose without creating (...)
[Science daily]

Indian billionaire bleeds heavily in telecom price war
Reliance Communications, owned by Anil Ambani, has lost 60% of its market value in a year.
[CNN Money]

A network of crystals for long-distance quantum communication
Quantum physic can guarantee that a message has not be intercepted before reaching its destination. Thanks to the laws of quantum physic, a particle of light can be in two distinct states simultaneously. This superposition of states is destroyed as soon as it is read. This peculiar feature (...)
[Science daily]

App gives parents real-time view of the classroom
ClassDojo allows real time communication between teachers, students and parents.
[CNN Money]

Transforming how complex marine data is synthesized
Scientists are transforming how complex marine data from the Ocean Health Index is synthesized, communicated and used for coastal management.
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