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Redox 0.3.3 released
Redox 0.3.3 has been released. Redox is an operating system written in Rust. This release brings much lower memory usage with ISO - 480 MB instead of 1300 MB. There are also other bug fixes, features, and improvements.

LLVM 5.0.0 released
This release is the result of the community's work over the past six months, including: C++17 support, co-routines, improved optimizations, new compiler warnings, many bug fixes, and more. The release notes contain more details.

100 days of postmarketOS
We talked about postmarketOS back in late May, and this weekend the project published a summary of all the work they've done over the past 100 days. What you see here is only the tip of the iceberg. So much work has gone into fixing bugs, and little improvements, that it would be ridiculous to (...)

Hardening the kernel in Android Oreo
The hardening of Android's userspace has increasingly made the underlying Linux kernel a more attractive target to attackers. As a result, more than a third of Android security bugs were found in the kernel last year. In Android 8.0 (Oreo), significant effort has gone into hardening the kernel (...)

We must debunk this millennium bug myth | Letters
Prof Martyn Thomas had first-hand experience of fighting the millennium bug, and dismisses the idea that it never posed a serious threat to the world’s computer systems Please don’t perpetuate the falsehood that the millennium bug was a myth (Hard to stomach, G2, 30 August). The widespread use of (...)
[The Guardian]

Instagram: celebrity contact details leaked after nude Bieber photos posted
Phone numbers and email addresses of high-profile users exposed just days after Selena Gomez’s account posted naked shots of ex-boyfriend Bieber A bug in Instagram that allowed criminals to steal the private information of celebrities has come to light just days after hackers took over the (...)
[The Guardian]

Sailfish OS 2.1.1 released
Jämsänjoki update fixes dozens of bugs reported by our community, adds many improvements and new corporate features, like mobile device management (MDM), new Camera user interface with quick access from Lock Screen, smarter Calendar on Events, WPA2 Enterprise PEAP support, new VPN options (PPTP, (...)

Bug in top smartphones could lead to unstoppable malware, researcher says
Recent updates to iOS and Android contain fixes for Broadpwn, found in chips used in iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and Google Nexus devices A recently patched bug found in the chips used to provide wifi in iPhones, Samsung Galaxies and Google Nexus devices could be used to build malware which jumps (...)
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