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Google’s massive humanoid robot can now walk and move without wires
US defence-developed Boston Dynamics Atlas robot upgraded to run untethered for up to an hour on batteries Google’s new version of its US defence-developed 6ft 2in, 25st Atlas humanoid robot can now operate for up to an hour without wires. The Atlas robot was developed by Google-owned Boston (...)
[The Guardian]

Software that knows the risks
New planning algorithms developed by researchers can evaluate a probability of success, and suggest low-risk alternatives. For example, if you told your computer that you want to drive from your house in Boston to a hotel in upstate New York, that you want to stop for lunch at an Applebee's at (...)
[Science daily]

Understanding how emotions ripple after terrorist acts
Emotional reactions on Twitter have been analyzed in the hours and weeks following the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing. The new study is the first large-scale analysis of fear and social-support reactions from geographically distant communities following a terrorist (...)
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