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Better superconductors with palladium
A new age of superconductors may be about to beginn: In the 1980s, many superconducting materials (called cuprates) were based on copper. Then, nickelates were discovered -- a new kind of superconducting materials based on nickel. But now, scientists from Austria and Japan have shown: There is (...)
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Pinterest expands Creator Inclusion Fund to five additional countries
Pinterest is announcing the expansion of its Creator Inclusion Fund to five new countries: Canada, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and France. The Fund is Pinterest's incubator program to elevate Creators from historically marginalized communities through financial and educational support.� (...)
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Absolute zero in the quantum computer
Absolute zero cannot be reached -- unless you have an infinite amount of energy or an infinite amount of time. Scientists in Vienna (Austria) studying the connection between thermodynamics and quantum physics have now found out that there is a third option: Infinite complexity. It turns out (...)
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